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Join a Fishing Club

by: Tom McInerney 12/2/2013
I don’t see myself as a social butterfly and I think, ironically, a lot of us on Fish Explorer feel the same way.

When I first got to Colorado, I was excited to fish, but said to myself “Oh, I’ll never try fly fishing. I’m just not interested and I like spin fishing too much.” Now I tie my own flies. I said to myself, “Oh, I’m not crazy enough to walk out in the middle of a lake in the depths of winter to catch fish.” Some of those flies I tie are for ice fishing. One of the other things I said to myself was “I like fishing by myself and with my buddies, I’ll never join a fishing club.” I think at this point I’ve learned to stop saying “I’ll never…”

My gateway was, without a doubt, Fish Explorer. Which is really a club in itself. Anglers just talking about fishing, techniques, gear, well... you know.

My first fishing club meeting was the Rocky Mountain Flycasters, a local chapter of Trout Unlimited, which I learned about here on Based on what I’ve heard about other clubs from OG’s their meetings are relatively similar, there was a ton of good info in a presentation, a great story from a “professional fly fisherman” (who knew those existed?), and I met a lot of great folks. I particularly appreciate Trout Unlimited’s mission to “conserve, protect, and restore” fisheries. There’s also fun stuff like raffles and a fly tying club where people share patterns and techniques.

In all honesty, when I first got there, it felt a lot like a party where you don’t know anyone. Kind of walking around looking at things, checking out the raffle prizes, flies being tied, minding your own business when someone just walks up and says “Hey.” And that’s it, you go from there.

A fishing club is a great way to meet new fishing buddies, learn a lot more about fishing, and help protect the fisheries you value most for the next generation. It’s tough to beat that for $20-$30 annually. With ice season just arriving, now is a good time to join too. I plan on looking into the Loveland Fishing Club and Colorado Walleye Association as those two organizations seem like a good fit for me based on where/what I like to fish.

Be sure to visit our Fishing Clubs page to see some of the excellent angling organizations here in Colorado. There’s a club for every type of angler chasing every species. If you know of a club that isn’t listed here, please email me at tom at fish explorer dot com.

Fun fishing!
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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   12/4/2013 7:40:04 AM
Excellent advice!!
OldMikkDale, CO   12/4/2013 5:29:50 PM
Interesting post. Fishing in and around Greeley sucks and I am starting a fishing club called Our Gang Fishing Club and the main purpose will be to car pool mainly to the Loveland area. A lot of older people used to fish and no longer have equipment or someone to go with and this group will be one of our targets. All they will need is a small fee to chip in for the driver and maybe $1 each trip to help buy bait. The club will be non profit. The first thing I am doing is setting up an advisory committee. Will let you know when it gets going.
Tom McInerney (opencage), CO   12/4/2013 9:31:48 PM
Thanks guys. OldMikkDale, that sounds like a great idea. Just FYI, Poudre Ponds and Allen Park Pond in Greeley are now active on FxR, I think we're adding a couple more Greeley waters soon too. If you think of any, let me know. Keep us updated on your fishing club too, good luck!
Tom McInerney
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