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CarpQuest - Bear Lake, Utah - Part 3

by: JOHN FINNEY 11/9/2013

Video and blog highlights from the first half of my final session fishing Bear Lake in Utah on 9/20/2013.

On a sunny Friday morning I returned to the shores of Bear Lake for what would be my last session fishing whilst on vacation. I had decided to change up a few things this time. Size of bait, distance from shoreline, both in the hopes of finally hooking into a true Bear Lake monster. The warmer temperature was certainly appreciated.

The water level was up slightly. Where I had from the previous session was now totally washed out. I finally found somewhere to setup my gear upon “mostly” dry land. I still had to be wary where I stepped lest I quickly sink into the sand and gravel.

One rod was baited up with a couple of night crawlers and the other with a couple of pieces of the giant flavored corn. I waded out about 10-15 yards and cast out. My cunning theory for today was, bigger baits = bigger fish. Hey, it was a good plan, or so I thought!

I only had to wait an hour or so before the first fish took the bait. Sadly, this one ended in a hook pull close to the shore. The challenges I had faced previously with getting the fish in across the shallows were to continue to plague me again throughout the day.

Soon after, just before noon, I had another run and a nice small mirror, 3lb 12oz, was hooked and landed. This enthusiastic little fish fell to the double flavored giant corn. My plan of bigger baits for bigger fish did not seem to be starting out so well.

The next hour or so was pretty uneventful. Around 1pm I had another good bite and run which sadly ended again with yet another poor hook set and quickly lost fish. I admit that the frequency of hook pulls was becoming quite frustrating.

After each cast, landed fish and before a recast I always check my hook to ensure it is sharp. If the hook does not bite nicely into my nail then it is set aside and a new terminal rig attached. A lost fish, due to a dull hook, is a technical flaw that is easily avoided. I use size 6 korda wide-gape hooks; they are teflon coated, strong and sharp. I consider the hook the most critical part of my rig. With confidence in my hook my best theory was the poor hook sets were likely a result of the length of the hair rig and size of bait. I was using the larger corn but had not changed the length of my hair rig.

Thirty minutes later and another fast run from the rod with the giant corn. An absolute monster of a mirror carp was landed. This one took both hands and all my strength to lift the weigh sling onto the scales. Once the dial settled down the fish was recorded in the notebook at an amazing, 1 lb 15 oz!

Obviously my plan for the day was not working out as expected, the fish were getting smaller. Even a few cups of java could not contain my ire.

Hope you enjoy the video attached.

I will work on the last of the footage from this session and my vacation. Hope to get it posted in a week or so. If you have any questions regarding carp fishing, tackle and tactics, as always, drop me a comment or post in the forums.

Tight Lines,


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Member comments
opencage, CO   11/10/2013 6:01:32 PM
Thanks for sharing these quests with us John. Carp fishing can be a lot of fun. And I think a lot of us can relate with "the day did not work out as expected" feeling, I sure know I can.
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