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Product review for Zippo hand warmers

by: Bernie Keefe 11/7/2013

I have had the opportunity to use the Zippo Hand Warmers.  Let me tell you, these
things work marvelously!  Very compact at about  4" x 5", they fit easily into a
pocket of any shirt, or jacket.

To start it heating is a simple matter of filling it with lighter fluid, then
capping it, and heating the element for a couple minutes.  Once heated, there is no
flame, but if you let it sit inside it''s case for a couple minutes you will feel it
heat up.

Since there is no flame, it is safe to put in a pocket.  I have found when fishing
that after I hook and reel in my fish, that my hands are wet and cold.  This product
is very efficient at warming my hands up after I dry them off!  I can also see where
I will be using it in the lower back pocket of my shirts to keep my lower back from
tightening up in the winter out in the snow and ice.

It's cost is less than a good pair of gloves, and I can honestly say that I don''t
know how it couldn't be called a necessity for me and my business!
Simply put, this unit functions well and does the job when I need portable, compact
heat anywhere and anytime that I need it.