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CarpQuest - Bear Lake, Utah - Part 2

by: JOHN FINNEY 10/31/2013
Video and blog highlights from the second half of my first morning session fishing Bear Lake in Utah on 9/18/2013. (note: see Forums for part 1)

The day had started great with a nice pair of mirror carp in the cradle. I had some initial concern setting up here. I had never fished this venue before and had no idea where the fish were or what baits even to use. Some internet research in advance of the trip had suggested that anglers from the Boy Scout camp over to the East had landed a bevy of carp on night crawlers. I cannot stress the importance of doing some research before you fish a new venue; the internet is a wonderful tool !

One rod was initially out with the worms and the second rod was out with a highly scented fruity giant corn offering. Both baits were surrounded with my usual panko/oats packbait - which is comprised of creamed and canned corn, flavored with cinnamon, chili flakes and a little salt. 

The morning session continued pretty steady. A few more small mirrors were landed and returned once again to the cold blue waters. The fruit enhanced corn was pulling them in better than the worms so I switched both rods to the same offering for the remainder of the short session.

Overall, this morning session had certainly given me a good idea of what to expect fishing from this location. The lake was crystal clear with very little visible structure or feature off from the shoreline. There was a line of sand/gravel bars, running parallel to the shore, each slowly leading down into slightly deeper water. At a range of 30-40 yards it was only 4-5 ft deep. Given the shallows, to land the fish safely and reliably, required wading out to net the fish in deeper water. I still ended up with a couple of hook pulls when the fish got nearer to the shore. 

Hope you enjoy the video attached. 

I will try to get some of the footage from my 2nd session edited and ready for the next blog soon. If you have any questions regarding carp fishing, tackle and tactics, as always, drop me a comment or post in the forums.

Tight Lines,

Blog content © JOHN FINNEY
Member comments
C-DOG, CO   10/31/2013 8:57:05 PM
You always seem to find the fish. New venue Bear Lake, Utah=caught fish. New venue (Boyd)=caught fish. Just to name A couple, Congrats my friend!
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