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Low on light, you might want to try lunch fishing

by: David Coulson 10/28/2013

Every year I lament going off daylight-saving time which we do next weekend. It puts a damper on my evening fishing.  Starting work at three in the morning would allow for some afternoon fishing, but staying awake at work would be problematic.

Whatís the big deal about losing weekday evening fishing?  Practice!  Fishing is like any sport, the more skilled you it, the more successful you will be.  It always amazes me how many folks love to fish, or so they say, yet they donít fish when they can.  Their fishing is limited to ďprimeĒ times and special trips. When they do fish, they often lament about their fellow anglers luck.  It isnít all luck; skill plays a role in catching.  Those who fish frequently are almost always ďlucky.Ē 

Aside from loving to fish, I fishing frequently so that my skill set sharp, be it casting, retrieves, hook sets, line control, knot tying, etc.  Then on those trips of a life time, I know that Iíve maximized my chances of success and Lady Luck tends to smile on those prepared.

Granted evening fishing during the week will soon be difficult, however there is another option.  Itís one that I donít typically take advantage of when DST is in effect, fishing over lunch hour. Now before you roll your eyes, many workers have a full hour for lunch, and a goodly number of them use all or part of that time ďrecreatingĒ rather than eating. So why not fish for a few minutes?

There are several urban fisheries within five to ten minutes of my office, including the Poudre River. I seldom try river fishing over lunch, as I like fishing rivers in waders. Getting in and out of waders is time consuming for this not-so-slim angler.  Consequently, I stick to city parks and natural areas.

There are ways to maximizing your success during a lunch time outing.  First, be familiar with all the fishable waters within a few minutes of the office.  The best ones are not only close, but easy to get to.  Ideally, you want to be able to drive (or walk) to it and park close to a fishable shoreline, thereby minimizing the time between the desk and first cast.

If possible, itís a good idea to scout the waters near the work place before trying a lunch-hour fishing excursion.  Spend a bit of time fishing them some weekend. Get to know what species are present and the general lay of the land.  A little online research is a good idea, also.  Check the Cityís park and natural resources pages.  Perusing googlemaps satellite views near your workplace will quickly show all the nearby waters.

Second, you should be fully setup and ready to fish.  Once you park, you want to be able to pull your rod out, maybe stuff a couple lure/fly boxes into your pocket, walk to the water, and make your first cast.  Remember youíre limited on time, so donít want to waste it getting ready to fish.

Granted fishing over lunch isnít the same as last yearís Alaska trip (or wherever you went).  Still, itís a break from the rigors of work and it does help keep your fishing skills sharp. 

Finally, you might also want to figure out what your excuse to use when you get back to work late because you refused to break off that trophy bass or ten pound carp that hit on the last cast. If the boss is an angler; the truth might work, otherwise prep a pocket excuse. Itís just one of the hazards of lunch hour fishing.

This column was first published in the Fort Collins Coloradoan, Sunday, October 27, 2013 in the Explorer section.

Blog content © David Coulson
Member comments
IceFishingFool, CO   10/28/2013 10:59:04 AM
That has always been my problem, When the fish are biting, I don't want to stop, When the fish are NOT biting, I don't want to stop.
David Coulson
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