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Where would you bass fish the rest of your life?

Guest Blog by: James Strawbridge 10/10/2013

   If you had to choose one place to live (in the U.S.) and fish for bass the rest of your life...where would it be?


   My Choice would be Decatur Alabama. Some of the best bass lakes in the country are there, like Lake Guntersville, Wheeler lake, Logan Martin, and Neeley Henry. Not to mention lakes like Table Rock Lake only 8 hrs away, and Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee. I would have a house on a lake with my own private dock, a 21' bass boat with all the goodies, and fish with not a care in the world. I guess it's alright to dream every now and then. Listen to's not even winter yet and I'm acting like I do in February when serious cabin fever kicks! It's going to be a long winter!


  So lets hear it! Where you would like to spend the rest of your days bass fishing!



Who is Jim Strawbridge you ask! Jim is a person who has a passion for bass fishing like no other. Jim grew up in Albany, N.Y. and started bass fishing with his grandfather at age six. His decision to leave New York in 1996 and head to Colorado was a tough one indeed. Although the trip was long, it really paid off. Since Jim has arrived here in Colorado his bass fishing passion has grown to new heights. Jim says, “Bass fishing in Colorado has made me a better angler”. Jim grew up fishing the Mohawk River, Hudson River, Lake George, and lots of local Ponds. He now faces the challenge of deep, clear, western reservoirs. After fine tuning his skills, Jim has decided to pursue bass fishing at the tournament level. Jim fishes The Bassmaster’s Open and is a Tournament Director for The Colorado Couples Series. The Couples Series is a male/female team type format that fishes six lakes along the Front Range, from Pueblo to FortCollins. Jim and his wife Sharon were two time winners in The Colorado Couples Series in 2010, and state champs in 2010 & 2011. Jim and Sharon also qualified for the National Championship in 2010 and 2011, and were ranked 72nd in the Nation. Jim hosts rod building seminars, and owns “Galaxy Custom Rods and Supplies”. He also will make appearances at trade shows, and sports expos. Jim loves to talk bass fishing, so the next time you see him, stop by and say hello. Remember, you don’t have to be the best, you just have to out fish the rest! Jim would like to give a special thanks to all his great sponsors, Sportsman’s Warehouse, MHX Rods, Nitro Boats, Red Dog Signs, and Galaxy Custom Rods and Supplies.
Blog content © James Strawbridge
Member comments
IceFishingFool, CO   10/10/2013 8:17:20 PM
No Doubt, Florida.
Flyrodn, CO   10/10/2013 9:48:47 PM
If'n it was me, it wouldn't be bass, rather I'd pick a gulf coast area with good redfish populations.
catchn, CO   10/10/2013 9:49:03 PM
In the US or anywhere? Oviachic, El Salto, etc. are far better producers than Florida Cali etc. Texas would be my vote in the US. Falcon, Fork, Amistad, to name the super popular ones, but you also have rayburn, murray, lake austin, wako, toledo bend, geeze you can just keep going. Florida is the same with good bodies of water but pure florida strains can get real picky, the cross breeds feed well all year and then with there agressive stocking programs, lunker share program, etc. Yep, Texas!
tracks, CO   10/11/2013 8:28:13 AM
I guess I'd move to San Antonio/Austin. There's plenty of fish right there and you need to go nuts Amistad is 3-4 hours away as is Port Aransas with flats fishing and deep sea stuff as well.
Coyute, CO   10/11/2013 9:25:08 AM
Texas or Oklahoma. Less liberal turds in those parts of the country, Alabama would be nice too. I doubt I will leave my beloved Colorado but being a bass fisherman here can get on your nerves real quick!
tracks, CO   10/11/2013 10:20:34 AM
This isn't good, I'm looking at real estate in Del Rio!! Pretty cheap and pleasent looking really. I have 5 years before I could even think of moving.
LastKast2010, CO   10/11/2013 4:02:35 PM
Lake Havasu..... or Powell I know its not Amistad or El Salto.... but pretty scenery and tons of fish.... huge lake woth plenty to explore.... Havasu is just a dream spot for my style of fishing!
James Strawbridge (Team Galaxy), CO   10/11/2013 6:34:33 PM
Texas....huh! That's funny, that was my other option. Texas has some great lakes. Amistad rocks (hearsay only). All this talk makes me want to go on a road trip with the boat and make a big loop from Colorado...through Texas, over to Alabama (and hit Louisiana) on the way, leave Alabama and go to Tennessee, then through Missouri, and back to Colorado. How much money will that cost $10,!
C-DOG, CO   10/11/2013 9:29:38 PM
With all that was stated above-- I would have too stick with Elephant Butte Res. In New Mexico. This res. contains all 3 species of Bass. Largemouth, Smallmouth, and True Stripers. Not too mention: the southwestern food is off the hook!!
James Strawbridge
"Team Galaxy"
Guest Blogger