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Wish'n I Was Fish'n

by: David Coulson 9/10/2013

The week prior was physically demanding for this OG (old guy). Ending with the OG/YG face-off I was on the water five out of eight days.  Im giving myself a break until I fish at Cedar Bluffs, KS this weekend.  It wont be a complete break as Ive a number of things to attend to, including getting ready to fish.

Having said that, as I left work Monday evening the receptionist commented to me, No fishing tonight, I see.  What do you mean, I queried, as Id not visited with her all day.  Oh, the weather, she commented.  You dont fish when its like this, do you?   My response was, Youre correct. Im not fishing tonight, but weather has nothing to do with it.

Then this morning when I looked outside at a relatively calm morning with a gentle rain, I was sorely tempted to call in sick and head out for the water.  Theres little doubt in my mind the fishing would be excellent.  If nothing else, theres a good chance I wouldnt need both hands to count the number of anglers on the water and I expect recreational boaters would be nil, nadda, zilch, . . .  That alone would have made it worthwhile.

I dont know about you, but my experiences fishing during stormy weather, clouds, breezes, rain, snow, most anything short of gale force winds, have been mostly outstanding.  Im sure there are many reasons this is so, not the least of which is having all the water to oneself.  Low air pressure is said to put fish in a feeding mood.  Im sure when the waters are roiled up; big fish have a competitive advantage over smaller fish.  Breezes/waves often concentrate food items for bait fish, attracting them and their predators. The list goes on.

So as I set here looking out the window Im bemoaning the fact I cant get out and take advantage of the situation.  Its my sincerest hope you were able to get out.  If so, make me jealous and tell me about it.

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Member comments
alanlf5280, CO   9/10/2013 3:23:51 PM
I have always had my best fishing days (hunting as well actually) on the "stormy" days or the days considered to be the worst possible time to go fishing by the average person. After reading about the cooler temps today, I had a feeling the fishing would be good. Luckily, I don't have to stare out the window at a lake or river to remind me about what I am missing. All I see are sky scrapers and people that try to park all sorts of vehicles in a compact onlys lot.
David Coulson (Flyrodn), CO   9/10/2013 3:40:01 PM
Well, I don't have a lake to look at, but I do see enough to know what the weather is and knowing Boyd and Horsetooth are 15 minutes away doesn't help.
David Coulson
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