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Fishing With Friends

Guest Blog by: Josh Cundiff 9/6/2013

Fishing is an awesome way to spend your free time. But it is even better when you spend your fishing time with friends. We all have those times with friends when you can just goof around with each other and catch some fish. Other times you spend more time messing around than actually fishing, but the point is that you are with friends. You can share all of those memories with those around you. Your big fish story turns into a saga between all who were there to witness it. The fish that was originally five pounds turns into a ten pounder. Instead of a five minute fight it turns into a thirty minute fight. Thatís the fun of fishing with friends.

This Labor Day weekend I did just that; I fished with some great friends. My buddies and I decided to take a trip to the mountains and hit Antero and Spinney Mountain Reservoirs. I was just a bit nervous that it was going to be insanely busy, but was pleasantly surprised to see there were only a couple of boats on Antero when we arrived at around 8:00 a.m. We launched the boat and were out to catch some big trout. Within a few minutes we were picking the rods up getting ready to fish. Within two casts my buddy Sam had already hooked into a trout on a Kastmaster.  At about this time the weeds were getting extremely thick and my four foot diving jerkbait was not going to work. I looked down to see Sam putting new line on my baitcaster that didnít have any. The next thing I knew he was casting out a Kastmaster with it and hooked and landed a decent trout. ON MY ROD! We all laughed and I decided that it was time to switch up to a Kastmaster. While I was struggling to get a fish to even look at my lure, Sam was catching fish left and right. The whole time he was doing this, he was constantly teasing me, asking when I was gonna start catching something. These are the times that I will remember forever. Teasing each other and having fun. That is what fishing is really about.

We fished for several more hours at Antero Reservoir and then were pushed off the lake by a thunder storm. But not before catching some awesome fish right before we had to leave. All I can say is that when there is lightning all around you and you get shocked when you grab your hunk of metal on the end of your line that is when it is definitely time to get OFF the water. While we were putting our rods down Tommy got shocked and I even heard a zap. After that we buzzed across the lake and loaded up the boat. We waited the storm out for about an hour and a half before we launched at Spinney. Now it was time for some serious fishing; we were going after a big pike. Well, at least that was the plan! We fished for about two hours without even a follow. Sam decided that it would be best to hit the other side of the reservoir. Within a few casts I had three northerns in the boat. Sam and Tommy were looking for monsters and were throwing buzzbaits. Sam and I watched a little pike jump completely out of the water, over his buzzbait and land on the other side of it. We laughed pretty hard and decided we would start fishing our way back to the boat ramp. When we were at the boat ramp we decided we would make our last casts then head home. Thatís when the fun began. Sam was throwing a very shallow wakebait and hooked into one. I asked if it was a net worthy fish and he gave me a stern yes. When I turned around to get the net I realized that it was put away when we switched reservoirs. I hastily found the net while the pike was doing laps around the boat. I went to pull the handle out and the whole handle popped out of place. We were giggling like little school girls the whole time this was happening. After a few more fumbles we finally netted the ten pound northern. We took a few pictures then watched the hammer-handle swim away. Thatís what I love about fishing.

Overall it was a great day of fishing and even a better day with friends. We teased each other constantly and laughed the world away. We made some of the best memories of our life. Thatís what fishing is truly about. It would have never been as fun if I werenít with friends. I encourage all of you guys to get out on the water with some friends and just have a good time. You might even make new friends that will last a lifetime!

I am a Colorado teen that loves everything outdoors. I love to fish and hunt and strongly promote to keep those activities in our society. I am willing to help anyone with any possible questions or needs.
Blog content © Josh Cundiff
Member comments
JKaboom, CO   9/6/2013 1:29:34 PM
Great blog Josh/FishOnSteroids!!!! That really is what fishing is about with friends - good times and good memories :) I had a lightening experience once and it scares the crap out of me to think back on it because by all rights we should have been struck down.... Keep having good times with friends those are the precious memories we will think of when we can no longer fish.
team FMFO , CO   9/6/2013 1:51:41 PM
Nice job F.O.S. !
nightangler, CO   9/6/2013 3:23:06 PM
Great read Josh!!!!!!! :-)
JOHN_COSprings, CO   9/6/2013 8:43:00 PM
Great blog, thanks for sharing..
Josh Cundiff
Guest Blogger