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Old Guys Versus Young Guys

by: David Coulson 9/5/2013

While fishing is often considered a non-competitive sport, the reality is anytime two or more fish together thereís always a bit of gamesmanship involved.  Heck, anytime you put two anglers together over a drink you can watch the competition as they try to outdo each other with their lies, er fish stories.

Iím not sure who started it, but some time back on the FxR plus forum various members got to ribbing each other about age and fishing skills.  Needless to say, the older anglers (the line was drawn at 50) and youngsters were more than happy to square off and trade insults.  As some point several met up and had a fish off.  The first couple of rounds were won by the Old Guys (OGs), then the last couple of outings the YGs (young guys) have prevailed.  To the losing group goes the boot, which I currently possess and plan to rid myself of this upcoming Saturday.

The boot came into being when a group of OGs were fishing Cherry Creek Reservoir and snagged bottom.  In the process of retrieving their lure, they pulled up this boot covered with a large number of lures.  After a bit of discussion, they decided this would be a great prize for the YGs at the next get-together.  Not a bad idea as the OGs had yet to lose, regardless of the numbers of YGs competing.  That is they never lost before I joined in, and in my two attempts to help the OGs win, weíve lost both times.

The next face-off occurs this Saturday, and being the current holder of the boot, Iíve written the measures of success to hopefully tip the scales in my favor.  Anglers can fish anytime Saturday morning until 4 p.m., using any legal method.  Points will be award for the largest fish of each species an angler catches.  For the catch and release anglers a picture will work. Based on the Master Angler program, each species is worth 30 points for the qualifying MA length, i.e. 12 inch perch - 30 points, 10 inch bluegill - 30 pts., 26 inch walleye - 30 pts., etc. Smaller fish count proportionally less, larger proportionally more, so an 8 inch perch would be 8/12*30 or 20 pts. A 30 inch walleye would be 30/26*30 or 35 (round to whole pt.).

To make it fair, points will be tallied for an equal number of anglers from each age group.  So if there are more OGs than YGs, all YGs points count and the OGs will count their top point earners down until they match the number of YGs.  Regardless, everyone fishes.

After the fishing is done, thereíll be a pot luck and a presentation of the boot to the ďlosers,Ē who Iím sure will be the YGs this year.   If this interests you, contact an FxR plus member or shoot me an email dave at fishexplorer dot com.

These gathering are a great way to meet your fellow FxR members.

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Member comments
IceFishingFool, CO   9/5/2013 5:22:30 PM
Should be a fun gathering. Will have to break out my light gear, and do some water whipping.
Catcherman, CO   9/5/2013 7:15:08 PM
Is this at any placre in Colorado?
IceFishingFool, CO   9/5/2013 7:34:52 PM
Read paragraph number 4
H the yeti, CO   9/5/2013 10:05:36 PM
That's pretty awesome. Might have to play hookie from work this weekend.
Ajax5240, CO   9/5/2013 10:52:55 PM
We could use some more young guys out there!! Should be a great time!!
Tiny Stevens, CO   9/6/2013 2:27:09 AM
Dave, As the "official" YG who had the honor of presenting you with the BOOT at the last gathering at Aurora last year, I wish that I could attend this gathering to "re-give" you the boot again! Alas... my schedule won't allow it this time as I am very busy with home matters as well as preparing to fish an upcoming tournament. I am quite sure it will be a fun and great time, these gatherings always seem to bring out the best in our members! Good luck OG's... you'll need it! This current crop of YG's has some really good sticks amongst them! Tiny
JKaboom, CO   9/6/2013 10:22:09 AM
From what I can see, paragraph 4 does not proide the location - it is at Boyd but if anyone needs further clarification Dave states - " If this interests you, contact an FxR plus member or shoot me an email dave at fishexplorer dot com." HAVE FUN EVERYONE - WISH I COULD GO BUT CANNOT...
IceFishingFool, CO   9/6/2013 11:25:53 AM
Oh yeah right, this Saturday September 7, at Boyd Reservoir.
JKaboom, CO   9/6/2013 1:30:30 PM
I understand how an OG may get confused on if he is looking at the blog or the thread - LOL
IceFishingFool, CO   9/6/2013 1:45:19 PM
That was a bump, in case you get lost LOL
JKaboom, CO   9/6/2013 8:03:24 PM
Good Job HOG !!! (for those who do not know Head Old Guy)
JOHN_COSprings, CO   9/6/2013 8:39:06 PM
Blog needs to be in a larger font for the OGs to read it....
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