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Good Time To Do Some Mapping

Guest Blog by: David Harrison 8/2/2013

Fishing has slowed a touch around most of the state.  Mountain water temps are high and multiple bug hatches make it tougher to have 30-fish days.  Walleye are feasting on new shad and your lure has a billion-to-one chance of finding a hungry mouth (not impossible, but just not as productive as last month). 

With the changing water levels (mountain lakes are going up, metro lakes are going down) it can also be a good time to find a new group of fish.  The best way to do that is to go on a boat ride.

So, put a new SD card in your finder, figure out how to record data, then head out and drive around your favorite lake.  Back and forth in close-to-overlapping lines on your GPS will cover the area.  Go to the streamflow data to get the recent lake level and store that with your data.  Also measure the distances from your transducer to your GPS antenna.  With this data create an account on Lowrance Insight Genesis or Lakemaster's Autochart (coming fall 2013)

While you can't map Chatfield in a day you can cover some serious ground.  The best part is finding stuff that you didn't know the new mudflat full of walleyes that I am going to fish this weekend.

David Harrison is a freelance writer who lives near Chatfield Reservoir and Waterton Canyon in Littleton, CO. He has published articles in In-Fisherman, North American Fisherman, Colorado Outdoors, Salmon/Trout/Steelheader, Bass Anglers Magazine, and FLW Bass Magazine.
Blog content © David Harrison
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   8/2/2013 7:12:10 AM
Agreed. I'd like to add, now is a good time to cruise the shoreline (boat or foot) with camera in hand of your favorite waters when the reservoirs are down. Nothing like a few pictures to remind you of whats under the water when the reservoir is full. Thanks for the tip.
EricCO, CO   8/2/2013 8:58:55 AM
Navionics is doing this currently. You record and then upload, then you get an email a week later saying it's ready to be updated. I believe everyone gets the new info that would update the chart.
Dan Swanson, CO   8/5/2013 7:05:33 PM
You can log data to the Elite 7 as well as Lowrance HDS and the older LCX models too. Also new with Lowrance Genesis Insight mapping is the ability to mark your uploaded data private. This previously was a concern with many people who didn't want to share their hard work with others and Lowrance fixed it. It's an easy to use option to Dr. Depth. Upload your data and a few minutes later you get an email that your map is done.
David Harrison
Guest Blogger