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Wipers, Stripers, and Crazy Catfish! (Part 2)

by: Shane Dubois , Wyoming 7/16/2013
Yesterday I posted part 1 of my new adventures I have been undertaking in Oklahoma, so this blog brings us current. Right now I am down in Russellville, AR getting ready to run the High School Fishing World Finals, which runs all week long!

On my 3rd outing to my honey hole, we (Liz and I) caught a few unexpected fish while casting Travados. I started off by noticing this bigger pencil float (bobber) that came out of nowhere, and I looked around wondering if someone had come in to fish around us. After looking around and seeing no one, I thought the pencil float must have been broken off at some point, and a nice fish was towing it around. I tried to cast by the float to snag it, and catch what ever was attached it, but as I casted towards it, it slowly starting going back down to the depths. Determined, I made the cast and it landed about 5 feet or so behind where the float had vanished, and after a few short and dull jerks of the bait, something nice was on the line! I thought for sure I had managed to snag the float, (and whatever was on it), so I fought the fish for what seemed like an hour, but was only 10 minutes or so. I was shocked to see the big ole mouth of a flat head catfish, with the Travado horizontally in its mouth! I couldn't believe that I had just caught a nice catfish on a jerk-bait! My only thoughts were that there were a school of catfish that came closer to shore to feed. The flat weight just over 15 lbs, and is my biggest to date! About an hour later Liz hooks into a nice fish that started peeling out line, and we both thought she had a nice Wiper or Striper on! The fight was on and after about 15 minutes, we again were suprised by not only another catfish, but it appeared to be the SAME one I had caught earlier! Both fish were the same size, and bared the same slash mark on its head, so we had managed to catch the same fish twice on the same lure, simply amazing! We caught a few smaller wipers and sand bass, and I lost another nice catfish about 5 feet in front of me...did a nice roll, and out came the lure! Liz ended up catching some nice gar too, and she even managed to take a picture with one! (Pictures Below)
CAT CollageOK 14 Collage

My last trip down to the honey hole was a few days ago, and the bite was not what it had been, and I figured that was coming sooner or later, as not everyday can be an epic day of catching, and well, it is called fishing! I did manage some gar, a big shad, and eventually caught my first Oklahoma Bass (was a Spot) on the glimmer trout Travado. So as you guys can see, There are all kinds of fish to catch in my honey hole, and it seems they all like Dynamic stuff! I have tried soft plastics, but end up donating most of them to the fish gods, so I have been sticking with the jerk baits!

Until next time, Tightlines!
Blog content © Shane Dubois
Member comments
KingFisher13, CO   7/16/2013 7:07:24 AM
Awesome! The Trout HD is one of my favorite baits. I'm going to have to give the Travado a try! Great catches!
icefish, OK   7/16/2013 11:47:31 AM
Great post, I'm going to have to make a trip up from Norman to check out the Kaw Lake outflow!
Shane Dubois (reconfisher), WY   7/16/2013 1:03:54 PM
I have been impressed so far! Icefish let me know when you want to come up! Are you on fishing notebook?
Gunni Mac Daddy, CO   7/17/2013 5:37:41 AM
Love OK Hybrid fishing! Sooner lake just south of Kaw is a power plant lake. The discharge area is amazing in the winter. The lake cools off but the power plant discharge keeps that area nice and warm, too warm in the summer but if you find yourself in the area during the winter months it can be "every cast catching fests" at times!
Shane Dubois
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