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Confidence Must be Made, Not Borrowed

Guest Blog by: David Harrison 7/9/2013

I visited a new lake over the 4th and an hour into the day of trolling I noticed we had six lines and five completely different lures in the water.  Two different swimbaits, one stickbait, two diving cranks, and a countdown lure.  Obviously we didn't have a confidence lure for that situation.

I will never laugh at a confidence lure.  As soon as you do the guy catches a fish.  These lures are developed over the course of probably 20 or more fish at a specific lake or a specific situation.  You start at a new lake throwing what you guess will work and then if it doesn't you switch.  At some point a certain lure works for you a couple of trips in a row and voila, a confidence lure is born.

Without a confidence lure you sit in your boat and wonder what will trigger strikes.  I can tell you that 99% of the lures out there will trigger strikes if used near a fish at the right depth.  But somehow I always reach for the same lures.  I probably should just clean out my tackle box of everything else. 

The only rule for lures is that they need to be presented near the fish.  Casting a spinnerbait and retrieveing 6" deep over walleyes that are 10 to 15 feet deep is not a high-percentage offering.  Trolling lures on the bottom when the fish are suspended also reduces your strikes.  At some level your lure should also match the activity level of the prey.  Early in the season lighter vibrations and slower lures closely match chilled baitfish.  In mid-summer it helps to have a faster vibrating presentation.

On last night's trip to Chatfield three people used three different lures.  At the start we were each laughing inside at the others' choices.  Soon enough we all caught fish.  Halfway through the night I asked if anyone wanted to trade lures and there was silence.  Each of us had picked our favorites and we were sticking with them.

Changing lures takes time and whittles away at your confidence.  When your mind isn't confident, your fishing isn't confident, and then your hooksets are not confident and the only thing you are confident about is how few fish you landed that day.

If you pushed me to choose six lures for the rest of my life for walleye it would be: Rapala F11, Berkley Gulp! 6" Crawler, Berkley Flicker Shad 7, PK Spoon, Berkley Gulp! 4" Minnow, and a Rapala W7 Jigging rap for the ice.  I bet there is a different list for each of you.  I bet some of you are laughing at my choices.  But that is why confidence must be made, not borrowed.

David Harrison is a freelance writer who lives near Chatfield Reservoir and Waterton Canyon in Littleton, CO. He has published articles in In-Fisherman, North American Fisherman, Colorado Outdoors, Salmon/Trout/Steelheader, Bass Anglers Magazine, and FLW Bass Magazine.
Blog content © David Harrison
Member comments
Tiny Stevens, CO   7/9/2013 1:23:46 PM
Nice write up David!
Coyute, CO   7/9/2013 1:58:54 PM
Coloradomrg, CO   7/9/2013 2:55:24 PM
Agreed! I have one... and everyone I fish with knows it LOL
JKaboom, CO   7/9/2013 5:41:08 PM
That is a ROCKIN' BLOG thank you !!!!
koko, CO   7/9/2013 11:26:48 PM
Great write up David! Very well said!
Jay, CO   7/11/2013 9:20:18 AM
Nice job David. And the only way you get that confidence , is to fish. And keep changing it up.
David Harrison
Guest Blogger