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by: Nate Zelinsky 7/8/2013

Control - That is word that isnít used in fishing enough. I have been doing a lot shallow water jigging lately and the success of the day is 100% dependent on whether the angler has control of their bait. For example if I am using a ľ oz. jig head with a 4 inch gulp minnow. I want to hop that bait 10 to 12 inches off the bottom and then hold it so it flutters down giving a Walleye more time to grab the bait. If you drop your rod tip and the jig falls fast it doesnít give the fish time to grab it. Secondly, if you do not have control of the bait a fish can grab the bait realize it is fake and blow it out in a Ĺ second and without control of the bait you will miss that strike. The same scenario can be seen in a wide variety of techniques. Say slack line while working a jerk bait. Control of your bait and presentation can increase your catch tenfold!

With that said, todayís equipment is helping with that immensely. Not too long ago anglers and guides would use the same rod for a wide variety of techniques and that is all that was available. In the recent years rod manufactures have spent time to build technique specific rods built for a certain presentation helping with that control issue. This really struck me hard in the past few weeks as I have been testing and using the New Fenwick HMG series rods (due out spring of 2014).  These rods are lighter, more sensitive and designed to make you a better angler. I was using a 6í medium light rod with a fast tip for Jigging Walleyes and I swear I could feel the suction of when the Walleye were opening their mouth to take the bait. These rods are built by anglers for anglers. A rod like this was built for a presentation like jigging where you have to control your bait perfectly, have extreme sensitivity, cast ability, back bone for jaw penetrating hooksets but yet super light and comfortable so you can fish all day without fatigue.  The industry has come a long ways and its products like that rod that will up your catch rate due to better control.

I ask everyone out there, next time your fishing, think to yourself if you have complete control of your bait and presentation and especially when you miss a strike think if its lack of that control why you missed it! Control will lead to more and bigger fish!!! I hope everyone is having a great summer of catching! 

A few pic's of the New Fenwick HMG is action.

Blog content © Nate Zelinsky
Member comments
Tiny Stevens, CO   7/8/2013 6:10:53 PM
Nice read, and great pictures Nate! That new rod is so light, I can see where you could easily fish with it all day long! What size reels do you have them paired with? Tiny
JKaboom, CO   7/9/2013 5:30:42 PM
That is certainly great food for thought thank you :)
skiman, CO   7/11/2013 8:02:09 AM
Nate, I have been fishing with a Cabelas' Walleye-Zander rod for many years now. While it's not a composite or graphite, this 2-section fiberglass rod at 7-1/2 feet is hard to beat for finessing a jig. I fished this combo while slowly back-finning my belly boat with great success as you can feel every little bump and take. Good article...thanks, and Good Fishing! Ski
ccr, CO   7/15/2013 8:10:46 AM
Excellent article Nate. It is often very hard to maintain control of your bait. To that end, if you do, you will be rewarded for sure. That Fenwick rod is interesting. Gonna have to keep my eyes open for it. I am currently using St, Croix and Esox and am pleased with them.
Nate Zelinsky
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