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An Awesome Dad

by: Ryan Wood 7/5/2013

I canít remember the first fish that I ever caught on my own. Iíve seen pictures and it was a rainbow trout caught at Shadow Mountain Reservoir. I have had a passion for, and loved fishing ever since I can remember. There was just something about it that only those who share the same passion understand. Even the kids Iíve grown up with in my neighborhood and at school donít seem to understand this sport. They donít understand whatís fun about it and donít see the challenge it offers.

Even though few of my friends understand, one person who not only understands my love of fishing, but supports it is my dad. I know my dad loves to fish, but I wonder if his love of fishing is more because of my love for fishing. Heís encourages me from the beginning always supporting the early weekend morning adventures when he could be catching up on sleep. As well as early weekend mornings, he even sometimes takes me very early before he goes to work, or even in the evening after a long day at work. Heís not only helped me build my inventory of rods and reels and tackle, but he has helped me to understand what to look for in a good rod and reel. We all know how expensive fishing gear can be and he helps with that too.

He has sacrificed his garage space for my tackle and soft plastics making bench and supplies, and we share his office where I tie flies. That doesnít include the dining room where my tackle is currently lying scattered all over the table and floor. We even upgraded our ski boat in 2008 to a fishing boat because of my passion for fishing. This has allowed us to fish the Full Moon Open together for 4 years now.

I fish in three junior clubs in Colorado and he makes sure he gets me to where I need to be. Iíve been to multiple events out of town Ė whether itís been to a bass camp in Texas, the 2013 Classic in Oklahoma, or my recent divisional tournament in California Ė he willingly takes the time to take me. So if you have a dad that supports your passion, thank him. If youíre a dad that supports your kidís passion, keep on supporting it.  I just want to thank my dad for supporting me and encouraging me to do what I love.

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Member comments
Fishful Thinker, CO   7/5/2013 4:27:38 PM
Amen Ryan! The support he gives you is invaluable...continue to make him proud with your results. Oh, and don't forget about mom...CL
Coyute, CO   7/8/2013 8:47:48 AM
Right on!
Tiny Stevens, CO   7/8/2013 8:13:38 PM
Good job Ryan! As a dad myself, I can bet that your dad is very proud of you and your accomplishments! Congrats, and thanks for recognizing your dad! Tiny
Ryan Wood
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