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Summer Pike Action

by: Will Dykstra 7/1/2013

Summer time pike fishing is fast and furious right now. These fishing are begining to reach their peak metabolism and are feeding often. This time of year offers a variety of presentation that can all be extremely effective. You can catch them on topwater, jerkbaits, spinner baits, and jumbo soft plastics.

I personally enjoy topwater and soft plastics the most this time of year for one big reason........WEEDS! I can fish buzzbaits over the top of the weeds and I can fish my soft plastics right in the thick of the weeds and stay nearly weed free when I rig my soft plastics a particular way.

I apply alot of bass style rigging when I do this and it is extremely effective. I am able to reach fish that many people are unwilling to pursue because of the dense vegetation. I am catching a ton of fish on swimbaits rigged weedless that I am slowly working through the pockets in the weeds and in many cases in the heavy cover. It is still early enough in the season that I am working baits relatively slow, as we get further into July I will begin ripping these baits at a much quicker pace to trigger a reaction strike. 

The bite is on in South Park RIGHT NOW!

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Member comments
Tiny Stevens, CO   7/2/2013 1:41:39 AM
Great write up Will! Thanks for the tips too! Tiny
Coyute, CO   7/2/2013 8:02:27 AM
Right on!
Will Dykstra
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