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Slip bobbers blue gill and trout

by: Bernie Keefe 5/11/2013

About 40 years ago my cousin joe introduced me to "flea flys" bobbers and Bluegill. We would sneak into some ponds in north the Denver, Broomfield and boulder areas. Our tactic was simple. A small red and white bobber, an assortment of flea flys and some worms. We caught a lot of fish early in the season along with some monster bass. (I remember them as 10 lbers but they were probably 15-16" ers)

Even today there is something about a bobber slipping underneath the water that gets my heart pumping. When our trout waters are cold and the fish are not motivated to chase a spoon or crank bait one of my favorite ways to catch them is to use a bobber and jig combo. 

Slip bobbers give us the opportunity to fish ultra light jigs in deeper water. The jigs suspend at a preset depth and just hover right in front, above or below the fish. 

The key to bobber fishing is depth and location. Fish a wind blown bank with lots of rocks then just keep adjusting your depth till you find the fish. 

This is a great bank style presentation to do with your kids and friends alike. It gives us time to visit with our fishing partners as well as catch fish. I wrote more details on my website,  Thanks for reading
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Member comments
FISHRANGLER, CO   5/11/2013 9:58:42 AM
Slip bobber is a great way to target species that are eating leeches and midge flies stuff like that. One of my goto methods for catching fish that dont want to work for a meal. Great for kids or anyone. For shore anglers it is great they can find contors by dragging or jigging thier bobbers back at different depths. Spawning Walleye Perch trout Even Wiper and SMB like a easy meal.
FISHRANGLER, CO   5/11/2013 10:00:51 AM
Oh and don't forget about the Catfish they love a meal under a bobber. A Larger slip bobber of corse.
takeakidfishing, CO   5/11/2013 4:10:20 PM
A great tactic and one I love doing.. Erik
JKaboom, CO   5/16/2013 5:05:53 PM
Great BLOG - I enjoyed the full length version, packed with good info :)
TimmyDillman, CO   5/17/2013 12:25:57 AM
Editing is your friend.
Bernie Keefe
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