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2013 starting off with some GOOD ones.

by: Ronny Cast 5/8/2013
Weather, weather, weather, so far 2013 guide trips have been all about the weather.  Well maybe not all about the weather, see fish pics below.  This year the weather has caused several postponements of early spring trips.  Snow has been the big star  this spring and now we are looking at two days rain.  Now I'm perfectly fine with fishing in tough weather conditions but what has become clear over the last several seasons of guiding here in northern Colorado is that not everyone understands what it means to be properly dressed for any and all condition's.  Layers are your best friend.  The basics are this, insulation, wind protection and water proofing.  Blue jeans and sweat shirts just donít cut it.   Shorts and tee-shirt weather will be here soon enough but trust me on this,  if you havenít done 40 plus mph in a bass boat at 6 am when its 39 degrees, shorts and tee-shirts or blue jeans and sweat shirts will not exactly make for a comfortable start to the day.   

As far as 2013, when the weather has cooperated then fishing thus far has been fairly productive.  The first few trips of this year have produced some really nice fish for my clients.  Horsetooth has been fishing good for some nice sized smallmouth and walleye and trout with very few boats on the lake most days.  Boyd has been getting a lot of boat traffic this spring and if you can find a place to squeeze in and fish then you have a pretty good shot at landing some quality largemouth, smallmouth and walleyes.  Please keep in mind these fish are getting a tone of pressure on Boyd and need to be handled with care if we want to continue to see such quality fish on the end of the lines.  The carp in Boyd have also been pretty aggressive so far this spring, if you see one making some ruckus up shallow donít be hesitant to make a cast or two their direction.  Iíve had several giant carp take a swing at a lipless crank or even a weightless senko.   A 20 lbs carp ripping drag is always a nice way to spend a few minutes to start the fishing year off right.  

As we have all been praying for moisture this year and hopefully full lakes as the melt comes through they system this rain and snow is something we canít really frown upon.  Yes fishing can be tough at times and those post cold front clear blue sky days can be hard going but fishing this time of year might just be your best chance at a really big fish.  Dress properly and be ready for what ever mother nature can toss your way and you might just be rewarded with a great picture opportunity form a giant or two.  

 Here are some quality fish from trips the past few days.  I thanks them for playing our game. 
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Member comments
panfishin, CO   5/8/2013 11:49:14 AM
wow that lmb is a beast! what were the measurements on her?
Brown Ninja, CO   5/8/2013 3:00:07 PM
Ron is a great guide. I have fished with him on numerous occasions. He never disappoints. If you want a quality guide and to be on fish in Northern Colorado he is your man.
JKaboom, CO   5/15/2013 5:00:07 PM
Good BLOG thank you :)
Ronny Cast
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