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Me? win $10,000? Cool!

by: John Stevens 5/8/2013

Yeap.... that's right friends.  On Saturday May 18th, I intend to win $10,000 doing what I love... fishing!
The city of Aurora is once again holding it's $10,000 trout tournament at Aurora Reservoir this year!

I've entered and fished it twice before, and had a ball doing so.  Didn't win, but that's ok... this year is my year to win!  Unless... hmmm... maybe I shouldn't have written this... there are certain members here and readers of my Blogs who could definitely "steal" the prize from me.  Some pretty good sticks.  Oh well, too late now, besides this is my lucky year!

The cost of the tourney is $40.00, and that includes entry into the reservoir and free lunch from Famous Dave's BBQ!  Pretty good grub, if I do say so myself!  If you want to fish from your boat, the boat pass is NOT included in the $40.00, and neither is the overnight beaching if you choose to do so!  All in all though, for the money its a pretty good value!

New this year is a revamped kids tourney entry, and.... Crowley Marine is putting up a Lund boat as a prize as well!

To register go to here...

We as anglers, all need to take advantage of these opportunities that the city offers us. If there isn't enough interest in events like this, they will go away in the face of shrinking budgets and reallocation of funds.

Enjoy the day, take the family, win prizes (just not the BIG ONE), and I hope to see you all there!

Good fishing,


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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   5/8/2013 9:01:41 AM
I wish I could give you some competition. Remodels and moving are unfortunately taking a toll on my fishing time. I hope there's a big crowd and good luck to you.
FISHRANGLER, CO   5/8/2013 9:13:59 AM
What are they giving away two 10K prizes> I think I have it already added to my check book John. LOL Good luck to you. Are you going to take your son this year? I think Im going to partner up with mine.
John Stevens (Tiny Stevens), CO   5/8/2013 12:48:50 PM
Thanks Dave and Daris! Now even though I intend to win the money, there is always the off chance that one of my friends here on Fxr will win instead... So... I encourage everyone to get out and enter and fish this event! Where else can anyone have this opportunity without belonging to a club or being a pro? We don't want to let this one get away from us! Let's go people!
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