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Spring Is Here, But So Is Life

by: David Coulson 4/24/2013

Spring is here and I should be on the water.  Unfortunately in my case, life has sprung also.  March we purchased a “new” home.  Our extensive remodeling has bitten deeply into my play time.  By extensive I mean major kitchen and bathroom overhauls, opened up a wall in the basement, new floors (tile, wood, and carpet) throughout the house, all new light fixtures, and a complete paint job.  The upside is I get a major man cave (commonly referred to as the basement) and a room to be dedicated fully to fly tying, (maybe a bit of rod building also).

The result of a new place is the necessity to sell the old and move.  That also is in progress as we’ve a contract on our place and have started the process of packing. We should be moved by the end of May. I’m getting too damn old for this foolishness. 

Wondering why we’re moving?  Well, the new place is a townhome with an HOA that handles everything outside, and I do mean everything, which equates to more time to fish.  That is more time once we get the remodel done, moved, and settled. Until then, fishing is limited to a day or so a week. 

Oh, and did I mention I’ve a new boat on order? But change isn’t limited to my personal life.  Things continue to change on Fish Explorer as well.

I’m sure you noticed our “new blogger,” Ben Swigle, aquatic biologist (Fort Collins/Boulder).  Actually Ben isn’t new to Fish Explorer; he’s been a member for many years.  Further, he isn’t a blogger either.  Nope, he’s our newest Field Editor, and an outstanding addition to the team.  His blogs and future articles add a whole new dimension to the site.  If you haven’t read his first two blogs, “A Tiger’s Tail” and “Walleye Spawn 2013, now it’s done!” do yourself the favor and do so.  You’ll find them very informative.  Regardless, be sure to welcome Ben to as our newest field editor.

Have you looked at the news section lately?  Tom McInerney (aka opencage), our news editor, is doing a great job of providing you with local, state, regional, and national fishing news.  Grab a cup of coffee before logging on, kick back, and enjoy catching up on fishing news.  But like all aspects of Fish Explorer, you, too, can play a role.  If you come across “news” that you’d like to share, shoot an email to Tom, tom at fishexplorer dot com.  We’re always looking for local content, such as club news, meeting times, fishing events, conservation efforts at our local water, closures or openings, and tournament results.  If a news item is of interest to you than it interests others.

Finally, I just activated a new article, “Sixth Sense,” by Richard Pilatzke.  He discusses streamer fishing with his Crystal Bugger pattern for trout.  While his writing is specific to this pattern, the tactics are applicable to many patterns and species.  Give it a read and I’m sure you’ll be convinced that streamers are something you should add to your arsenal, if they’re not already a part.

While not empty, our article pipeline has plenty of room for more articles.  Shoot me an email if you have a piece you’d like to put up on Fish Explorer.  Member contributions are the real strength of

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Member comments
Coyute, CO   4/24/2013 2:57:04 PM
Finally a Field Editor that isn't trying to sell us something! Right on! How about more articles that don't involve fly fishing? I know this is and all but throw us bass guys a bone once in awhile please - and I don't mean 'articles' that are sponsor driven plugs. :)
FISHRANGLER, CO   4/24/2013 4:07:26 PM
Bass fisherman Chew Chew spit and fart no time for all that there writting stuff. Glad your moving right into retirement and planning for the days you cannot mow the lawn. Good read Dave.
Coyute, CO   4/25/2013 10:51:20 AM
I have noticed that bass fishermen in general tend to fart, spit and cuss more than fly fishermen for instance - but I think that's mostly due to the fly-fishermen protecting the effeminate persona they try so hard to cultivate. :P Just kidding of course. ) In regards to writing, I don't think most bass fishermen care much about being regarded by their peers as swells who are handy with a pen, whereas in the inner circle of dandy-boy fly fishermen, it's expected and encouraged. :)
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