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New Article and Thanks to Many

by: David Coulson 4/6/2013

Many of you have read and followed Fish Explorer’s Texas State Editor Lloyd Tackett’s writing, me included.  His ability to spin a yarn is among the best.  This latest article, “Fishing with Buzzards” was previously put up as a couple of blogs, primarily because I failed to post it in a timely fashion last spring.  So even if you read “Fishing with Buzzards,” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as just as much, if not more,  the second time through.

I have another contribution in progress and should have it up in week or so.  My hope is this is only the beginning and that many new contributions will be forthcoming.  I haven’t asked for article contributions over the last year due to my inability to process them in a timely fashion.  That has changed.  If you have an article, or an idea for one, (feature that has a long shelve life and over 1000 words) send it to me. Shorter features will likely be treated as guest blogs which can go up in 24-48 hours if accepted and you have a picture and bio uploaded.  You never know I may even get a chance to write up a couple of the hundred ideas I have rattling around.

My schedule has begun to free up, allowing me to  catch up on long overdue content additions, including getting past stocking data added to the lake pages, MA data added, and writing more, is because numerous people have step up to help on Fish Explorer, answering my pleas through earlier blogs.  We’ve added numerous new skippers, but most Western Slope waters, Grand Mesa lakes, Ridgeway, Rifle Gap, and some urban waters still are skipperless. 

I wish to give special thanks to these members who have recently taken a load off my shoulders. Orion and PerchJerker are new Colorado Lake Editors. They have been working on building our lake/river catalog. Note that we are in the process of changing how lakes may be viewed, no longer will all activated waters have e.  Bill92042 joined us as another Reports Editor.  Reports Editors approve skipper applications and work with the skippers to keep lake conditions updated.  Wattzz stepped up as Calendar Editor, and truthfully, the calendar is better populated than ever, making it a great resource for members to find out about events around the state.  Our newest addition to the growing team is opencage. As News and Content Editor he provides daily during the week on news across the state and country.  To these members, as well as all the new skippers and lake editors I say thank you for joining the Fish Explorer team.

If you have an interest helping your fellow anglers in a formal capacity at shoot me an email. All members can help each other by submitting conditions reports and answering questions posed on the forum. At the very least, join me in thanking the over 100 members, Matt, editors, bloggers, authors, and skippers, whose efforts make one of the best fishing sites around.

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Member comments
Rsrecurvehunter, CO   4/6/2013 11:39:14 AM
A big thank you to everyone! And a special thank you to you Dave for recruiting the manpower to make things happen.
IceFishingFool, CO   4/6/2013 3:15:02 PM
I enjoy Lloyds wit and humor, and many thanks to all that contribute to the sight....even the ones that pick on me LOL
David Coulson
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