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Spring Cleaning...

Guest Blog by: Alan Peak 3/30/2013
The weather is getting warm and the days are lasting longer.  It is time to do some spring cleaning.  It not only gets you ready for the water, but sure helps with making your spouse happy!

A few years ago a gracious angler gave me a gift of a lifetime, a used rod and reel.  He admitted that it had been used quite a bit and had been sitting collecting dust.  The cork was darkened, there were a few scratches here and there.  I did not care, I was thrilled to get such a quality set up.

After I went through some Spring Cleaning I was pretty amazed to see what I had collecting dust.  Rods, reels, lures and tackle boxes.  I am still finding stuff littered around the garage and basement.  With new equipment coming in, and old stuff collecting dust, it was pretty obvious to me it was time to get rid of some gear I was not using and have someone else put it to better use.

I am not suggesting that you give away all your unused equipment, you payed good money for it I am sure.  But, I am also sure that there are a few bits of fishing gear that you really couldn't sell either. 

Use the forum, it is a great place for this.  I am sure there are some people that could use an extra rod to bring a friend along with.  Maybe some extra old spoons and lures to clean up. 

Like I said earlier, I was given a rod and reel.  It was a Sage XI and a Bauer reel.  Even by today's standards that is still a nice stick.  In about a month, there is a college student coming back to Colorado and it will be given to him to enjoy some quality time on the river.  Hopefully he will love the fly fishing and pass the rod over to let them enjoy the sport.

Let the Spring Cleaning begin!!
Alan Peak is addicted to fishing. By day he is a fly fishing guide and by night he dreams of his next day on the water. You can find him guiding and fishing primarily on the South Platte nearly every day of the week. If Alan is not with his family he is guiding, fishing or tying flies. If you see Alan on the water, say hello! Normally, he ties a half dozen flies of the day for each day for people he meets on the river.
The rod that was given to me! What a generous gift!
I have a vice that has gone unclaimed. Anyone trying to start fly tying?!
Blog content © Alan Peak
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   3/31/2013 8:46:30 AM
Good thoughts. And something I really ought to do, given I don't even know how much stuff I have. On the vise, most tiers find have two useful, with some patterns it's like having an extra set of hands.
JKaboom, CO   4/3/2013 9:13:19 PM
Last year you and others got me thinking/wanting to get into fly fishing. I know you have just taken off running with it and that's cool man :)
fishinantz, CO   4/30/2013 4:27:45 PM
Im new to fly fishing and would love to learn to tie flys what do you have in mind???
Alan Peak (moosegoose), CO   4/30/2013 6:50:22 PM
Fishinantz, I have a vice if you would like it..
Alan Peak
Guest Blogger