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New articles and a Grand Daughter

by: David Coulson 3/27/2013

As I’ve lamented before, 2012 was a tough year for me with the loss of family and good friends.  Unfortunately, Fish Explorer suffered in a way also, as I was unable to accomplish everything I would normally like to have. 

One project that fell through the cracks was the “Catfish Basics” article that Shantro Buck sent me the spring of 2012 and I failed to get it up.  He was good enough to post it on the forum. However, forum posts have a way of being difficult to find.  I’m please to say I finally got around to getting the article up in time for this season's fishing.  Even if you’re already an avid catfisher, I’m sure you’ll find a trick or two from Shantro’s article. Enjoy.

This year is turning out to be as good a year as the last was bad.  Not only am I finding time to contribute more to the site, a lot of good things have happened and more are in the works. 

As many of you know I also contribute to the Coloradoan, Daily Summit, and Denver Post on occasion.  My latest piece in the Denver Post came out today in the Outdoor Section, “At Home with Great Fishing.”  Give it a read if you have time.  The real lesson here, as Troy found out, if you fish with me there’s a good chance your mug will show up in a paper.

Finally, the event that happened this weekend and that I’m most proud of is the arrival of my new future fishing partner, Alexandria Drew Kalous.  That’s right my first grandchild and the daughter of Jennifer (my daughter) aka the LadyInPink, and Cody, (my son-in-law). Both of whom for some unknown reason enjoy fishing with me.  Rest assured I’m looking forward to Alexandria’s first fish.

Alexandria Drew Kalous, Grumpy Gramps future fishing partner
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Member comments
opencage, CO   3/27/2013 3:41:18 PM
Catcherman, CO   3/27/2013 3:49:30 PM
Awesome! Congratulations Grandpa Dave!
TigerHunter, CO   3/27/2013 3:54:00 PM
Congrats Dave!!
PerchJerker, CO   3/27/2013 4:00:14 PM
She looks like about an 8 wt to me. Congratulations to all of the family!
David Coulson (Flyrodn), CO   3/27/2013 4:04:26 PM
Real close on the 8wt, 7lb-8oz, full head of reddish hair and one healthy set of lungs. When she's unhappy everyone knows about it. Good sign in my book.
FISHRANGLER, CO   3/27/2013 5:10:50 PM
Alexandria looks to be a beautiful baby congratulations gramdpa.
Coyute, CO   3/27/2013 6:24:50 PM
Grats on the article Buck (you a slaunch!) and grats to the parents and the grandparents on the cute babe.
C-DOG, CO   3/27/2013 6:53:56 PM
Congrats Dave, very awesome.. BTW-My wife absolutely loves the reddish tint to her hair...
Catman1979, CO   3/28/2013 12:29:26 AM
Way better then ANY catfish you can catch! Good stuff right there, you can never have enough fishin' buddies.
Tiny Stevens, CO   3/28/2013 11:20:48 AM
Great blog Dave! Good job on the Post article as well! Congrats to your family on the new addition!
David Coulson
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