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My new boat is in

by: Bernie Keefe 3/24/2013
  The ice is still very fishable up here in Granby and the fishing is pretty good, but I am itching for ice off. I ordered an1850 Crestliner Fish Hawk powered my a 150 Mercury Verado. 
  I have had the opportunity to run a lot of different boats over the years and the 1850 Fish Hawk fits my style of fishing the best. The front deck is large enough for 2 people to cast out of while the cock pit holds 3 with out bumping into each other. My wife and I like to camp on the shores of the lake and the aluminum hull can be drove right up on the beaches with no worries about hurting it. 
  The 150 Verado is a supercharged 4 stroke motor, this means it makes it's own oxygen so it is not affected by altitude like most other motors and we all know how quiet the 4 strokes are. The last two years I have run Verados and my fuel bill has been a little lower so the fuel economy is not an issue at all. I also order "smart craft " gauges. These allow me to troll down to below idle speed, lets me know the hours I have on the motor as well as tells me what my fuel consumption is. I have learned that running my boat at 32 mph saves me 50% over running it at 45 mph. The cost of fuel pays for these gauges every year.
  My "eyes" will be a Lowrance HDS 10 and a touch screen 9. There is no question Lowrance is the industry leader in sonar/ gps units. Their units can tell you so much about whats under the water. To help me better understand how to use these units I have purchased an adaptor to let me plug them into my house outlets, by doing this and going through the manual page by page I am learning a lot more then I ever thought. Another great way to learn these units is to order a dvd from "Doc sonar". His dvd's are worth every penny, there is so much information on them you can not learn it all at once. I will not loan mine out, because I am  watching them over and over again.
  Once again I am putting a 101 Minnkota I pilot on the bow. With all it's features like spot lock, track back and cruise control, it's like boat control for dummies. these features help me fish in a little higher winds and let me not worry about what the boat is doing so I can just fish.
  The past few years I have teamed up with Trojan batteries and their 225 trolling motor batteries have let me fish 15 and 16 hour days in the spring. I have forgot to plug these in at night and the next day have no problems with the power. 
Well it's starting to get light out and the fish are biting so I gotta go. Thanks for stopping.
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Member comments
elkinthebag, CO   3/24/2013 10:07:53 AM
Awesome rig did you order the boat are is there a shop in Colorado that's has one. I have been looking at the tracker targas and a couple lowes and one smoker. So far the targa is my top pick but I don't like the side walls would have to drill into them to add rod holders.
Bernie Keefe (bernie), CO   3/24/2013 10:32:56 AM
I am picking up at Colorado boat center on monday morning. You are welcome to come up and take a look at it. The quality of a Crestliner blows away a Tracker. I can also help you with the rod holder issue.
esoxrocks, CO   3/24/2013 8:48:19 PM
Sounds like a great rig. IMO, Crestliner is the best aluminum boat value on the market and I absolutely love my iPilot…spot-lock is worth the money all by itself. Enjoy…
elkinthebag, CO   3/24/2013 10:03:43 PM
Sounds like a great idea what location and what time. See if I can make it. If nothen else will try and book a trip with you this year got to see what the wife says after the one on blue Mesa this year.
Bernie Keefe (bernie), CO   3/25/2013 5:44:56 AM
I will be at Colorado boat center about noon. they are closed so I will pick it up and leave. If you want to coordinate this give me a call (970) 531-2318
fishingadam69, CO   3/25/2013 7:07:50 AM
congrats. imo lund is the way to go
EricCO, CO   3/25/2013 7:59:19 AM
Best boat dealer in Colorado in my opinion. Never bought a brand new boat but the service is great and Chris is cool mechanic that is Verado Certified.
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