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Guest Blog by: Frank Villa 3/20/2013
The return of spring and the "SOFTWATER SEASON" is almost here! I am very excited for another year of great Colorado fishing and I am looking forward to a great tournament year.  I have decided that I am going to stay a little closer to home this year and forego the 18 hour drives to some of the bigger tournaments.  There are three tournament trails that are local and I am going to try and fish more this season.

The first is the Centennial Bass Club Team Tournament Trail. This trail was started by CBC member Bill Wilson and has increased the Centennial Bass Clubs membership from around 40 members to almost 80.  With several anglers coming from other clubs and weekend anglers This series has turned into one of the premier team tournaments in Colorado. Go to for more info.

2nd is the American Bass Anglers Couples Series., run by our very own Jim Strawbridge and Sharon Below. This team tournament trail features a chance to take your significant other out for a day of fishing in a tournament style format. In the past, my wife Echo and I have had some great times fishing these tournaments. Hanging with Jim and Sharon and all the other couples is a blast. I plan to do more this year!

3rd is most likely one of the best Team Tournament formats in Colorado. Having some of the best sticks in the State, the Rocky Mountain Team Series is at the top.  Although you may have to allow for a little more travel time because a few of the tournaments may be out of state, the short 5-6 hour drives from the Denver area are well worth the comraderie that comes when fishing at the tournament level. Go to for more info.

I will miss the 18 - 20 hr drives for a year but 2013 is going to be a lot of fun.  Check out these tournament trails and jump in with both feet! I guarantee you will have a lot of fun.

Catch Em' Big
Frank Villa


Frank has been fishing for as long as he can remember, and is an avid outdoorsman. He began his career in tournament bass fishing in 2000, fishing for his local bass club the Centennial Bass Club of Northern Colorado ( He continues to fish with his bass club, is the Youth Director and Webmaster. Frank has taken his love of fishing tournament style to the next level. He now fishes several BASS, FLW, and TBF Tournaments and will continue to seek his goal of making it to the highest level of Professional Bass Fishing.
Blog content © Frank Villa
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   3/20/2013 3:58:51 PM
Sounds like a good time. May be able to fish a bit more this summer.
Team Galaxy, CO   3/21/2013 8:33:58 PM
Frank....Sharon and I look forward to fishing with you and Echo and I'm sure we will see each other at the CBC events as well. Good luck with all your tournaments in 2013, and once again, congrats on making it to Nationals and representing our great State of Colorado. I'm sure you will make it back there in the future!
Frank Villa
Guest Blogger