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We're in Need of a Hand

by: David Coulson 3/12/2013

Weíre in need of a little help, and Iím speaking of, not me personally.  Yes, personally, I need  a lot of help too, but as Iím not totally dysfunctional Iíll just muddle along as I have been.

I keep telling myself I need to go fishing, write a blog, write an article, do this, do that, the list never seems to end. Then if that isnít enough I have a number of other folks telling me what to do and some even telling me were to go.  Most of the suggested locations donít sound all that appealing so Iíll pass if you donít mind.

While I havenít been on the water near as much as Iíd prefer, Iíve been finding plenty of ways to keep myself off the streets and out of the bars (not sure thatís a good thing).  On a personal note weíre closing on our new place, and our current residence will go on the market next week.  It wonít be long before Iíve a new home office and tying center.  Iíve also caught up on my magazine reading, working my way through several years of back issues, and now Iím working my way through several fishing texts, more on that soon. Plus, Iíve decided that I want a Mako18 for my boat. Iíll be ordering it shortly.  Trust thereíll be plenty of stories on boat.

Most importantly, Iíve managed, with the assistance of lots of folks, to get the skipper program back to where it should be.  Most of the ďdeadwoodĒ has been removed, and weíve added a large number of new skippers.  Thank you all for stepping up either as skipper or by contributing conditions reports.

For those thinking you would like to be skipper please submit an application.  Know, however, that for waters with skipper(s) you probably wonít be accepted, especially if there are two already.  Further, if you havenít been active on the site, especially submitting conditions reports, weíre not going to view those applicants as positively as someone who has been an active contributor.  Areas we currently need skippers are North Park waters (East Delany, South Delany, Cowdrey, and Lake John), Red  Feathers waters (West, Parvin, and Dowdy), and West Slope waters (Trappers, Jerry Creeks, Sylvan, Ruedi, Rifle Gap, Ridgeway, Mesa Lake, and Meadow Creek).  If you fish any of those on a regular basis weíd love to hear from you.

But what weíre really in need of are calendar and news editors.  Calendar editors are responsible for approving submitted calendar events and, more importantly, locating and adding events to the calendar.  Total time for this is around four hours to eight hours a month.  The news editor helps keep news items available for our members.  While Iíve managed to get a good stream of national items via press releases, news content at the state and local (clubs) level is still lacking.  The time for this one is 15 to 30 minutes a day or approximately a couple/three hours a week, but like all things in life one could easily get wrapped up into finding news items.

Weíre also working on building a catalog of public waters (that doesnít mean it or all waters will be available for general public viewing, in fact most wonít).  While weíre getting a handle on lakes, we donít have anyone working on rivers and streams at this time. 

Finally, we have set up our system so we can accept and post guest blogs quickly and without posting them through my or another blogger/editors page. Hereís how it works, the author sends me their item to be posted.  I review it, edit the English, and post it.  If you have something thatís too long for the forum, but isnít a ďarticleĒ, typically 300-1000 words in length youíd like to post as a ďblogĒ send it to me.  Remember it must be fishing related, be in reasonable English, abide by the forum rules, (no attacks, foul language, advertising, etc.), itís subject to our approval, and editing.

Anyway, it youíre interested in lending a hand, shoot me an email, submit a skipper application, submit calendar events, submit conditions reports, submit a blog, or even submit an article. Weíd love to have you involved.

Thank you to all, who have, and continue to contribute to, contributing members, skippers, moderators, bloggers, authors, and editors, itís you who make this site what it is. Itís an act of love thatís for sure, and I, for one, appreciate all you do.


Blog content © David Coulson
Member comments
HeavyC, CO   3/12/2013 8:35:18 AM
I am super jealous about the Mako!! Sweet ride Dave CONGRATS!!! HC Out!
Catcherman, CO   3/12/2013 8:49:17 AM
I sure do appreciate what you do for this site Dave! I cant imagine how much time you put into it. Thank you Dave, other editors, writers, and the members of fxr for making this all possible. This site is a daily go to for me. Whether I need conditions information, options and opinions on gear/tackle, to learn about different species, techniques, and setups, or just to sit down, have a cup of coffee and bs with fellow anglers. This site has it all! Thanks guys!
David Coulson
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