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Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Annual Fly Tying Expo

by: David Coulson 2/17/2013

For several years now I’ve been invited to join a large number of outstanding area fly tiers to demonstrate our fly tying skills at the Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Annual Fly Tying Expo. Having watched many of these folks tie, I wonder at times why I get invited.  However, to my credit I do manage to catch a few fish on my ties.  It’s fortunate not all fish have great eyesight.
While the tiers are primarily northern Front Range, many are nationally recognized talent.  The list includes:  Rick Takahashi, Marty Staab, Dennis Martin, Jason Haddix, Caleb Van Wagner, Mark Tracy, Marc McMillan, Dennis Collier, Dick Shinton, Jake Ruthven, Ted Meredith, Al Ritt, Grant Houx, Jin Choi, Tanner Irwin, Guy Turenne, Cody Muchow, and others.

There are plenty of reasons to attend the Fly Tying Expo, even if you’re not a tier.  Of course, the first reason to attend is to watch the tiers and pick up a few ideas and techniques.  A second reason is this is a great place to get introduced to the hobby. There is a beginner’s tying table, or I’m happy to demonstrate the basics as I tie.  One more reason to attend is your $20 admission gets you fed and ten raffle tickets to use for a rod raffle and/or the tiers’ flies tied throughout the evening.  Plus, there’s a silent auction for a number of fishing items.  Finally, and the best reason of all, you’ll be in the company of many other anglers.  This is a great time to meet other folks with a shared interest.

When:  Wednesday, February 20, 2013 from 5:30–9:00 p.m.
When: February 20, 2013, 5:30-9:00 PM
Where: Fort Collins Senior Center
1200 Raintree Drive
Fort Collins, CO
Admission: $20 per person ($10 for students with ID, kids under 12-free). With the price of admission, you get a plate of food and a beverage, ten (10) raffle tickets (five (5) for students, none for under 12) for the fly and rod drawings, and a wealth of tying and fishing information.

I hope you’ll join me, as this is a once-a-year opportunity well worth your time if you’re a fly fisher.

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Member comments
Orion, CO   2/17/2013 8:10:51 PM
I plan on being there, Dave. Thanks for the reminder!!
David Coulson
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