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Tying at the ISE and more

by: David Coulson 1/18/2013

Even though opted out of having a booth this year at the International Sportsman’s Exposition (ISE), I managed to get invited to “work” the show anyway.  Eric Pettine, asked me, along with many far better tyers than I, to tie at the “Fly Tying Theater.” My schedule is Thursday afternoon, yesterday and Saturday evening from 6 to 8 p. m.

Located just past the casting pond, the “theater” is several tables rranged in a U around the outer edge of the end booth, plenty of room for the tiers to show off their talents. My plan Saturday is to spend a couple hours visiting booths throughout the show and then hang out at the tying tables or at Arctic Lodges’ booth (928).  No matter where I land, I’ll be tying either bass or pike flies. 
If you want to try your hand at tying (raw beginners only) say something and I’ll help you through your first fly. 

Thursday evening was a great time, I visited with a goodly number of fellow anglers, tied a few flies, helped one youngster through his first fly (brown woolly bugger), visited with my sponsor, Arctic Lodges (both Duane, the manager, and Ray, the owner), and even do a bit of shopping at CJ Outdoors Services, the adjoining booth.

If all the traffic is any indication, the show is already a success.  I can’t help but believe having it at a different time than the Fly Fishing Show benefited all. 

Ok, a couple of promotions.  If you’ve ever consider making a trip to Canada to chase trophy pike or lake trout, drop by and visit Ray and Duane at the Arctic Lodge booth.  Having been there the last two years running, I can assure you that a “trophy” pike, 40 inches plus is as close to a sure bet as you’ll ever get.  As to lakers, the lodge record is 70 plus, and while I was there last year, one in the mid-forties was caught.  Further, you have a good shot at the lodge slam, lake trout, grayling, walleye, and pike.  I did it with a fly, imagine what you can do!

The second plug is for CJ Outdoors.  I was looking forward to them being at the show again.  They have a large number of fox tails (and others), along with tanned pelts.  As you know, foxee clousers (clousers tied with fox tail) are favorite carp and bass fly of mine.  In smaller sizes I do well in salt water also.  Further, these flies have also produced trout, crappie, and catfish.  Fox moves in the water like few other materials and is a great addition to any fly where you need lots of movement.  Anyway, they have lots of tails, in a variety of natural colors and some dyed brown, most around $10, which is a good price for these quality tails.  I bought six last night and I’m debating picking up a few more and a couple of pelts also. Oh, if you’re look for red fox, ask as they have a limited number of them also at $15 each.

If you’re at the show Saturday, drop by the tying theater and say Hi!

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