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Dissecting Colorado's Toothy Critters

Guest Blog by: Will Dykstra 1/16/2013

Colorado's Northern Pike and Tiger Muskie fisheries offer unique angling opportunities for those who challenge these wolves of the water. Over the next few months I will be blogging about tactics and techniques for chasing these heart pounding fish. If there is any topic in particular that you would like discussed or covered please feel free to chime in. I will also cover managment and the projected futures of these fisheries in our state. Toothy Citters with ALTITUDE.

Will Dykstra is a Colorado Native who has a relentless obsession for Muskies and Northern Pike. This obsession has led to him becoming a senior predator guide for Tightline Outdoors. Over the years Will has fished many bodies of water pursuing toothy critters. This pursuit has allowed him to take tactics learned while fishing northern Minnesota and Canada and applying them to lakes and rivers in Colorado. The majority of fishing that Will does in Colorado is spent chasing Tiger Muskies, Northern Pike, Smallmouth , Largemouth, Lake Trout, and all other species of Trout. Will is currently the President of the Colorado Chapter of Muskies Inc. Will is sponsored by Blade Runner Tackle, Red October Baits, Tuf-Line,P Line, EGO nets,and Muskie Bumper.
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Member comments
FishForAll, CO   1/16/2013 11:48:21 AM
Well, well. Nice to see you on board Will! It will be fun reading up on some new technics for "The Other" fish species in Colorado. Jeff
pikeNcolorado, CO   1/16/2013 11:48:28 AM
Very much looking forward to it. Something I would like to hear about is catching them in "The Dog Days of Summer". I seem to have the a hard time with them when it's 90+degrees and water temps are really above 70 degrees. I know about early hours and late, but the middle of the day, Most of the fisheries I drive to, are far away and I' can't just head home at 9am. I have to make the trip worth it and fish all day and in to the evening.
panfishin, CO   1/16/2013 11:53:23 AM
will it all be from a boat or will you be covering shore tactics as well?
alanlf5280, CO   1/16/2013 11:57:37 AM
Awesome! Looking forward to reading your upcoming blogging.
Will Dykstra (Muskiemaniac), CO   1/16/2013 2:43:45 PM
I was a shore angler for quite some time in Colorado and still am in some applications. I will cover that as well. Some of our Tiger fisheries are tough to get a boat on anyways.
ObsessedFisherman, CO   1/16/2013 5:03:49 PM
sounds great!! Look forward to it
droolr, CO   1/16/2013 6:23:34 PM
how about ice fishing for tigers in colorado.
mike230kv, CO   1/16/2013 9:05:04 PM
You should hook a pike on a fly rod, that'll get your heart pounding! Try stagecoach res with dark wollybuggers
Will Dykstra
Guest Blogger