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What are you doing this winter to stay sharp?

Guest Blog by: Will Dykstra 1/3/2013
This time of year can be tough to get through for someone who does not ice fish. If you are one those anglers who are apprehensive about getting out on the ice, you are missing out. Ice fishing can be a way to not only learn more about fish behavior and feeding habits but also give you an opportunity to explore your favorite bodies of water. If you do not have the  luxury of owning a boat, you finally have access to parts of the lakes and ponds that  you could not reach from shore. Use this time of year to hone your skills, whether it be vertical jigging or refining your live bait skills where permitted. Don't stay indoors this winter and get rusty, stay on top your game and learn some new techniques that will make you a better, more well rounded angler.
Will Dykstra is a Colorado Native who has a relentless obsession for Muskies and Northern Pike. This obsession has led to him becoming a senior predator guide for Tightline Outdoors. Over the years Will has fished many bodies of water pursuing toothy critters. This pursuit has allowed him to take tactics learned while fishing northern Minnesota and Canada and applying them to lakes and rivers in Colorado. The majority of fishing that Will does in Colorado is spent chasing Tiger Muskies, Northern Pike, Smallmouth , Largemouth, Lake Trout, and all other species of Trout. Will is currently the President of the Colorado Chapter of Muskies Inc. Will is sponsored by Blade Runner Tackle, Red October Baits, Tuf-Line,P Line, EGO nets,and Muskie Bumper.
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Member comments
brookieflyfisher, CO   1/4/2013 12:11:43 AM
Ice fishing is the poor man's boat.
Flyrodn, CO   1/4/2013 8:02:20 PM
Welcome to Fish Explorer as our most recent blogger. For those of you who love pike and muskie you're in for a treat. While I do a little ice fishing in the winter, I also spend a lot of time reading, thinking about new approaches, and tying to match the presentations techniques I dream up in the winter.
Scot, CO   1/4/2013 8:52:22 PM
I'll park my boat (yes I have one) to walk the ice and challenge the fish on ice any day. Fly fishing is the lazy man's ice cap!!!!
TightLine, CO   1/4/2013 9:07:08 PM
Welcome!!! Your knowledge of the sport is amazing. I know I have learned a lot from you and encourage others to do the same!!
C-DOG, CO   1/4/2013 9:14:06 PM
Welcome Will. Have you ever chased any Muskies @Bluewater in New Mexico??
Will Dykstra (Muskiemaniac), CO   1/6/2013 2:15:57 PM
C-Dog: I have not fished Bluewater yet. Both Bluewater and Quemado are great fisheries and have an incredible population of Tigers. It is a great destination if you have the time to get down there based on all that I have heard about it. Colorado still has a few lakes that are great tiger musky fisheries and I prefer not having to drive that far to chase them. I will be putting an article out in the near future about Esox opportunites and tactics in the state.
Will Dykstra
Guest Blogger