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It's Show Time

by: David Coulson 1/3/2013

Itís show time. Iím not talking about me doing a little ďsong and danceĒ routine.  Be thankful for that as my singing and dancing skill are less than nonexistent.  Although, Iíve been known to do a fishing presentation now and then, in this case Iím talking about taking in the upcoming shows over the next three weekends. 

For whatever reason, this year three major shows, the Fly Fishing Show, the Denver Boat Show, and the International Sportsmanís Exposition are all scheduled on separate and consecutive weekends.  Plus, as Fish Explorer isnít doing a booth at the ISE Iím free take in the shows primarily as a spectator.  Something Iíve not been able to do for several years.

Starting this weekend is the Fly Fishing Show, January 4th through the 6th. This year Iím going to immerse myself in the show for two days, along with friends and family.  There are seminars, travel presentations, casting demonstrations, fly tying demos, and booths to visit and Iím looking forward to taking in as many as I can.

The second weekend is the Denver Boat Show. Years past Iíve avoided this one as I didnít have a boat and wasnít in the market for one.  Well that has all changed as the better half has agreed to let me purchase a boat. So Iím planning on doing a lot of ďwindowĒ shopping.  Iím looking for a fishing platform, but I need to work out whether it should be a bass or flats boat.  Both have a lot of appeal, but Iím not sure which has the most appeal.  Iím only planning on a single day, and hope to fish the other this weekend.

The third weekend is the International Sportsmanís Exposition. Iíve been invited to tie for a couple hours Thursday and Saturday at the ISE.  Saturday I plan on making a day of it, spending my free time visiting booths looking for ďmustĒ have fishing gear and drooling over all the dream trips out there.  With luck I will be on the water Sunday also. 

Short of fishing, I canít think of a better way to spend my time the next few weeks than visiting fishing related shows.  So if ice fishing isnít your thing, consider joining me one or more weekends taking in one of these fun, fishing-related shows.

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Member comments
HeavyC, CO   1/3/2013 3:49:51 PM
Well that's no bueno!...I already took the Friday off anticipating the ISE booth! Oh well, guess it saves me a vacation day for fishing! Yeeaahh!! HC Out!
ePiC, CO   1/3/2013 3:51:40 PM
Was also sorry to hear that FXR did not have a booth this year
David Coulson
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