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More Seminars

by: Nate Zelinsky 12/11/2012
Just a reminder of a few seminars I am giving this week. Wednesday at 6 pm at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Colorado Springs (555 North Chelton Road CO Springs, CO 80909). I will be there talking about Northern Pike through the ice. I will cover both active fishing styles as well as tip-up techniques. We are just approaching ice season and now is the time to learn and perfect your skills.
Then on Thursday night at The Blue Quill Angler are 2 events. From 4pm to 6pm I will be in the store helping anyone with any Christmas shopping help. If you or a family member is getting into Ice Fishing and want to get the latest gear, please stop by and I can help explain and answer any questions you have. Then at 6pm we are having a Parents/kids clinic to talk easy Ice Fishing techniques and locations. So Thursday night The Blue Quill Angler is the place to be. As always we will a bunch of great giveaways. The Blue Quill Angler is located in Evergreen at 1532 Bergen Parkway Evergreen CO 80439.
Thanks guys and gals, Who's coming?
Nathan Zelinsky
Tightline Outdoors
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Member comments
MM, CO   12/11/2012 6:14:19 PM
Ill be there!! The blue quill angler has a great ice fishing slection! Tackle you can't find anywhere but there!
reconfisher, CO   12/11/2012 8:23:30 PM
can you hold my hand 5280? I dont want to get lost again! lol right on Nate! Might stop in on the way back from fishing!
FishnWithLittleOnes, CO   12/13/2012 9:19:36 AM
The Crazy fishing lady with all those kids will be there too! I'll bring my two older kids this time so I can actually sit down for a minute and learn something :)
Nate Zelinsky
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