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Ice Fishing Education

Guest Blog by: Nate Zelinsky 12/5/2012
The spirit of Ice fishing is all around us and a few lakes have a good cap but most are still not fishable. The weather system that is moving in this weekend is looking great and should lock up most of the high country by mid week. With that said if you can't get on the ice, now is the time to get ready. I have been preaching this for months but it's the truth, you can never have to much knowledge especially in the sport of fishing where things are always changing.
With that, there are some great Ice Fishing events coming up! First off, at A&A Topper (5425 South Broadway Littleton, CO 80121) tonight, I will be hosting a seminar on Ice Fishing for Panfish. We have great Pan Fish in our lakes and Reservoirs and not that many anglers target them. I will be covering locations, techniques and how to find pan fish all over the front range. It starts at 6pm, this will be a fun event. There will also be a lot of giveaways!
This weekend is a major event at Bass Pro as well. It's Bass Pro's Ice Fishing Weekend. There are great deals on gear as well as a ton of great seminars. I must say I am even excited about some of these seminars. There are a few new faces doing seminars at the event this year. You have Matt Mascarenas talking about Bass under the Ice. I know I have done a lot of this and they are a blast. I look forward to hearing what he has to say. Also is David "The Wizard' Harrison. David will be talking about making decisions on the ice. Most people have heard his name from his articles in In-Fisherman and Colorado Outdoors. David is on top of his game and I have titled him "The Wizard" due to his extreme knowledge brought to the industry. Make sure you attend this seminar. Other new comer to this weekends event but by no means new to the industry is Robby Richardson who is the Famous Blue Mesa Guide. Robby also targets most species and will be covering Kokanee and Pike this weekend. I am excited to have Robby around and hear what is on his mind. There are also many great speakers that are regulars to this event like Bernie Keefe who will be covering Lake Trout topics and many other fantastic speakers. Both Saturday and Sunday, take the time to hang out at Bass Pro, I promise it will be worth your time.
Here is the list of Speakers

Saturday, December 8th

10am-Dave Bryant: High Country Rainbow-Featuring slip bobber presentation, breaking down the basics for landing giant rainbows!

11am-Matt Mascarenas: Bass On Ice-“Through the Ice on the Front Range Lakes”

Noon-Nathan Zelinsky: Winter Walleyes-“Learn the Elusive Ways of Rocky Mountain Walleyes”

1pm-Bernie Keefe: Lake trout-Stalking he Ultimate Predator: Structure, Approach, and Techniques

2pm-Robby Richardson: Kokanee Salmon 101 Through the Ice

3pm-David Harrison: “On-Ice Decision Making”…Should I Stay or Should I go?

4pm-Steve Gerber: Yes U Can Go 2-“Ice Fishing Basics: Successful Ice Fishing with Youth or Beginner”

5pm-Jack Winters: Best Baits for Catching Large Perch in Colorado

Sunday, December 9th

11am-Nathan Zelinsky: South Park Trout!

Noon-Bernie Keefe: Giant Mackinaws! “Beginners to Experts, Tips and Techniques”

1pm-Donnie Cox: Jigging from Top to Bottom

2pm-David Harrison: Tip-Up Strategies for Colorado

3pm-Donnie Cox: Ambush Hot Spots

4pm-Robby Richardson: Finding & Targeting Pike Through the Ice

5pm-Jack Winters: Tactics on Catching Trophy Walleye at Glendo and Boysen in Wyoming

Thanks, I hope to see everyone there!

Nathan Zelinsky

Tightline Outdoors

Nathan Zelinsky is a full time professional walleye angler. He has fished the MWC along with many other tournaments. Besides tournament fishing Nathan is owner/operator of Tightline Outdoors guide service which is an all species guide service, fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass,Northern Pike, Trout, Catfish, Carp, Perch, Tiger Muskie, Kokanee Salmon and Wiper. Nathan spends around 300 days a year on the water or ice. Nathan also runs a Ice Fishing School in the winter months. He is a frequent guest on ESPN Outdoots with Terry Wickstrom and also appears frequently on Angling Adventures, Fishful Thinker and Lip'em & Rip'em. Nathan is also a member of ICE TEAM. Nathan is sponsored by Lund Boats, Mercury Marine, JR’s Tackle, Interstate Batteries, JIffy Augers, Berkley, Fenwick, Phlueger, White Caps, Crowly Marine, Replicas INC, The Sign Guys and Gal, Ice Armor, Clam, Vexilar, Mr. Heater, Ice Team, Blue Quill Angler, Todays Tackle and Line-X.
Blog content © Nate Zelinsky
Member comments
EricCO, CO   12/5/2012 11:01:30 AM
Looking forward to the BPS stuff this weekend for sure!
Good Sam, CO   12/5/2012 7:02:53 PM
See you saturday. Steve
Tiny Stevens, CO   12/6/2012 1:34:48 PM
I'll be there Saturday as well, Nate! Tiny
solocamzman, CO   12/6/2012 7:02:52 PM
With the vast resources that FxR has, would it be possible for someone to somehow record some of these seminars and then upload them (either to FxR or Youtube)? I am unable to attend these events but am very interested in hearing what these folks have to say.
redleader, CO   12/7/2012 9:44:55 AM
Yes record them and give all the info out freely (thats what fxr is known for) and make it available to all, why should anyone have to figure out how to fish on their own like I did. lol.
FishnWithLittleOnes, CO   12/7/2012 12:31:31 PM
It was nice to meet you on Wed night. We learned a lot and look forward to spending the entire weekend at Bass pro! The Jiffy is on my mind and this mama is ready to do some jigg'n!
solocamzman, CO   12/8/2012 7:33:17 PM
Redleader- I know how to fish but it's always nice to learn new tactics. Thanks for the input though
FishnWithLittleOnes, CO   12/10/2012 7:15:54 AM
Thanks for letting me know about Bass Pro Nate. My husband let me attend for the whole day on Saturday (I was there from 10AM to 7PM!) and I learned enough info on ice fishing to write a book! Can't wait to get out on the ice :) Tell the guys I said a big thank you to them all - I didn't expect the prizes.
Nate Zelinsky
Guest Blogger