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Ten Reasons That Fishing Is Better Than...Well Anything!

by: Lloyd Tackitt , Texas 12/4/2012

#10 - No matter how much whiskey you drink, you can still successfully fish.

#9 - There is no need to hide fishing magazines.

#8 - It's legal to pay a professional to fish with you.

#7 - Your fishing partner never gets upset about people you fished
with way back when.

#6 - It is not only acceptable, but encouraged -  to fish with a complete stranger.

#5 - If your regular fishing partner can't make it, there isn't a problem with you fishing with someone else.

#4 - You can fish with more than one partner at a time without having to explain anything to anyone..

#3 - The limper the rod, the better the fisherman.

#2 - There are no known fishing transmitted diseases.

#1 - No one expects you to fish with only one partner for the rest
of your life.


Blog content © Lloyd Tackitt
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   12/4/2012 11:08:39 AM
You got this one right!
moosegoose, CO   12/4/2012 10:35:14 PM
Haha! Nice..
elkinthebag, CO   12/4/2012 10:47:56 PM
I heard you can catch empty pocket book syndrome and a divorce from fishing to much.
JKaboom, CO   12/10/2012 1:45:23 PM
I like it thanks for the laugh :)
Lloyd Tackitt
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