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About the "ice team"

by: Bernie Keefe 10/16/2012
 Since 1997 our Pros have come up with every significant ice fishing method and refinement in history, starting with Dave Genz and the Clam Fish Trap and the Vexilar flasher.  And today our Pros continue to blaze new trails. But they always circle back to shore to pick up anybody who wants to learn.  This season, Join the Team TM and tap into our Prosí knowledge.  Let them provide you with up-to-the-minute, cutting edge advice and resources you wonít find anywhere else.

LEARN about the latest in ice fishing strategies and equipment:

Signing up for "the ice team" gets you a copy of the "ice annual, gives you opportunity to see the new product coming out before it makes the headlines. Instructional videos, e chats, another internet forum (this one reaches across the ice belt,) you can learn new techniques and even make plans to fish a new area. Internet tv, tons of how to videos and article. My point is this, if you want to learn a lot about ice fishing (or any fishing) the ice team is loaded with pro's that are willing to share their information. By signing up you also get stickers, decals, one dollar of every membership goes to recycled fish ( a stewardship on ice program).

If you are interested please go to  look at the website and join up.

Members that purchase the "perk card" get discounts and stores like Gander Mountain and I give a 5% discount on ice fishing trips also. Thanks Bernie 

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Member comments
ObsessedFisherman, CO   10/16/2012 1:21:23 PM
Good Stuff for sure tons of info
sportfisher, CO   10/16/2012 1:30:46 PM
Ill have to check this out it sounds intresting.
JKaboom, CO   10/17/2012 10:30:44 PM
I can't wait till payday because I have been all over the free parts of that site and I totally dig it!!! That will be $15 well spent.
Bernie Keefe
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