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by: Shane Dubois , Wyoming 10/10/2012
From a few posts I've seen here on the forum, I think it's safe to say there are a large portion of us here on Fishexplorer that are ready for some hard water action! 
Ice fishing is one of my favorite times of the year to fish, and about the only time of year I can convince my significant other to wake up at 4 in the morning to go fishing, and not shopping. With early ice, often comes high reward, but also high risk fishing. It is important to always remember basic ice safety especially during early and late ice. In both cases, going out alone is probably not the best idea. Have your ice picks ready at all times, and use a spud bar or chisel to check the ice as you walk on it. Some ice fishing suits actually act as PFD's when exposed to falling into the water, with that being said, carrying a PFD isn't such a bad idea either. Most of this stuff is common sense, but every year someone falls in!
The fishing industry is ever changing, and every year the industry comes out with cool new gadgets and toys we "must" have to catch fish. This year is no different, and there are some industry firsts, and refinements within the auger industry. Jiffy last year came out with the propane auger, and this year they finally made a 49cc four stroke ice auger. I was lucky enough to get one, and can't wait to break it in this year. It weighs 33lbs, and the blades come with a 3 year warranty and 1 time free sharpening or replacement. They retail from $429-$489 depending on the blade size, and come with blade cover, and 6oz container of Jiffy Oil. Also ION has made an electrical 8 in auger that can drill up to 40 holes in 2 feet of ice on one charge, bringing a bigger backbone in the electric auger field. The auger looks kinda funny in bright green, and different design, but only weighs 22 lbs. Rapala as of Jan 2012 acquired Strikemaster augers, and came out with the Vortex 51 CC and 33CC augers, it has also expanded into ice suits, shelters, gloves and other accessories. You can watch a short video here on all the new products:
In the Ice Hut area, Clam has come out with a new series of Ice huts called the Bigfoot (3-4 man) and Six Pack pop up hub shelters, that are similar to the Eskimo Fatfish Series.
Dynamic Lures has improved their HD ICE lure, and expanded the colors to 8. To see those colors go to: Also Storm has made a new verticle jigging lure called the Doom Bell, also available in jerkbaits, and smaller cranks:
In the Rod area, Clam has released a Dave Genz series of rods and reels, and Esox Rods have come out with a new Lake Trout Specific ice rod, and a series of Multi Species Rods.
I'm sure there's plenty more new stuff to come out as Ice season nears! Before we know it, we will be reviewing new open water gadgets and toys just before ice off. Hope everyone is enjoying the GREAT fall fishing that is here now, and I hope everyone has an awesome and safe ice season!
ION electric Auger
Storm Doom Bell
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Member comments
Good Sam, CO   10/10/2012 3:16:58 PM
The auger is tuned up and the batteries are charged. First ice fishing post on the forum by November 1. Our first trip the second week of November. Steve
Bassackwards, CO   10/10/2012 4:03:52 PM
Shanes right. Super important to bring a buddy. I also carry a rope and bicycle tire in early season. That way if somebody falls through you can help them without getting to close.
Rsrecurvehunter, CO   10/10/2012 4:17:33 PM
When will the new hd's be available?
Shane Dubois (reconfisher), WY   10/10/2012 4:47:04 PM
HD ice will be available by the end of this month
IceFishingFool, CO   10/10/2012 6:24:12 PM
Good Read Shane, Early ice going alone, is probably not a good idea, Im a firm believer Its a very bad idea. I will be planning a couple chat secessions at the Gander Lodge before ice on.
Shane Dubois (reconfisher), WY   10/10/2012 7:20:03 PM
Thanks Bud, let me know when you have these meetings at Gander Mountain!
JKaboom, CO   10/12/2012 10:44:39 PM
I was getting all excited about the coming ice season and now my gear addiction is kicking in - THANKS - LOL :)
Shane Dubois (reconfisher), WY   10/13/2012 9:25:59 AM
You're Welcome, I forgot all about flashers and cameras, Marcum has the LX-9 which is a flasher/camera combo if you have $1200 to pony up!
Shane Dubois
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