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Trying to escape to the high country to get away from the fog/drizzle

by: Rick Schroeder 10/10/2012
The high country season is coming to an end… might be able to get out one more time but I think it may be time to switch over to big browns and pike.  With the low temps and drizzle that settled in over Colorado Springs this last weekend I brought up the Doppler and looked to see where the storm was settled.  The Sangre de Cristos looked good.  Tossed the gear in the Jeep and headed out.

The fog and drizzle did not let up, eventually past Canon City the drizzle stopped and it was just patches of fog.  As I got to highway 69 to head south I was out of the fog for a while.  Until I started heading up the mountain where I drove right back in to a cloud.  With the recent fire in the area it looked apocalyptic, but I was undeterred.

4wheeling in fog in Colorado
4x4 fog in Colorado
Finally I popped out of the cloud and was in bluebird sunlight all the way to the lake.

Cutthroat trout in Colorado
Cutthroat trout in Colorado
I started working the inlet of the lake since there was no outlet but did not have any luck.  I moved to the deeper water fishing midges deep as I could.  Starting to wonder if this was my 2nd dead lake of this season.  I spotted a fish swimming deep and put my flies in his path and finally hooked up with my first fish.  It was a pretty little guy about 6 inches.  After fishing for another hour or so with no fish spotted it was time for lunch break.

 Enjoying the great temps (in the 50’s) while eating lunch the clouds I drove through finally caught up to me and moved in over the lake.

  Cutthroat trout in Colorado
I circled back around the lake to find more deep water and more fish.  The clouds parked themselves over the lake making the lake look very vast.

Cutthroat trout in Colorado
I land a few more fish as the temperatures drop.

Cutthroat trout in Colorado
Cutthroat trout in Colorado
After releasing the 2nd fish I noticed the grass was starting to droop and frost up.  My hopes of the sun burning the fog off passed and with the slow fishing I called it a day and headed back home where it was still foggy and drizzling and the wife had the fireplace going.

four wheeling fog in Colorado
Was a decent last outing which made for some good pics, did anyone else get out or have plans to get up high one more time? 
Rest of my pics can be seen at my gallery for this trip. 
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