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Free fishing days and a free fishing tournament

by: David Coulson 5/31/2012

This upcoming weekend is Free Fishing Days, which is almost “false advertising” as there isn’t really anything “free.”  What is “free” is you don’t need a fishing license to fish, But you still have to pay any entrance fees associated with the waters you visit and then there’s the cost of the travel, food, gear . . . So unless you’ve got everything and fishing the public pond behind the house it’s still going to cost you something.

There are numerous activities wrapped around the weekend, including the all night fishing at Aurora where I’ll at least show up for a few hours.  I figure I’ll fish a bit until I totally embarrass myself, at which point I may have to slink away.

For those living on the north end of the Front Range there are two events of interest, a local tournament and CAST.

The fishing contest is the Wellington 2nd Annual Fishing Contest held at Douglas Reservoir.  This contest is free for kids 15 and under, there is a $20 fee for adults.  Proceeds from the contest support the Spirit of the Poudre 4-H Club in Wellington, CO.  It should be a great time and I only wish I could make it.  However, between Aurora and CAST there’s just not enough time, for more information to

CAST will be held at Horsetooth, and boaters start gathering around daybreak at the south end boat ramps.  While it looks like they’ve got sufficient help, feel free to drop by.  I can tell you it’s a blast watching the kids, the smiles are sufficient to let you know this is a great event.  If you’re interested in helping this year (especially if you have a boat) or future years give Kara Lamb, Public Information Officer, Bureau of Reclamation (970) 962-4326, a call.

So if you don’t have plans to fish Aurora, or somewhere specific consider taking the kids to the “Free” fishing contest at Douglas or swing by CAST and enjoy the happenings. 

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