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TodayCabela's Lone Tree 1st Annual Charity Fishing Tournament
Proceeds Go To The Douglas / Elbert Task Force, Location: Aurora Reservoir, September 6th 6am (Saturday)
TodayLake Granby area fishing report 8-23-2014
Fall fishing is right around the corner. Right now there is some great fishing up here in middle park. The rivers are fishing great, lakes are doing great. My report is below. (Saturday)
RecentMy Summer in the Walden Area (guest blog)
As the bright orange sun rises over the mountains, around 5:30 a.m., at approximately 8650 feet above sea level, I rub my sleepy eyes and scratch my balding head at Colorado State Wildlife Area Lake John. (Wednesday)
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best time of day for Macks? 08.20.14 (2 replies)
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TodayYellowstone Cutthroat 08.23.14 (6 replies)
TodayEarly morning stockers 08.23.14 (3 replies)
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TodayThe River God 08.23.14 (2 replies)
Todaydraining marshton 08.23.14 (5 replies)
TodaySlow, Slow, Slow for Kokanee 08.23.14 (17 replies)
Recent Conditions Reports
South Platte - Eleven Mile Canyon by: fat mike
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Tom McInerney Bernie Keefe Eric Allee Alan Peak JOHN FINNEY Robby Richardson David Harrison Dan Swanson David Coulson Josh Cundiff
Pictured: Tom McInerney, Bernie Keefe, Eric Allee, Alan Peak, JOHN FINNEY, Robby Richardson, David Harrison, Dan Swanson, David Coulson, Josh CundiffView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Bass on the Fly 2014 Lake Fork Tournament
by Lloyd Tackitt
Llyod picked up the fact that the world fly fishing for bass was being held at Lake Fork, Texas. Hearing he was planning on fishing it I gave him a call and asked if he'd like to fish it as a team. He agreed. We did and here's our story.
by Mfishing - by Cichlidfish - Nice Webster Bass!by Cichlidfish - A 34 inch 15+ pound channel cat I got in one foot of water on a spinnerbait!!!!!!!!!!by fish - by fish - by westsloper - Greenies in Rifle Gap, thats news to fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - by fish - by fish - by fish - by fish - by fish -
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