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NewVenator Wobbler Product Review (guest blog)
Jim provides an excellent review of Colorado based Venator's Wobbler. A lure that had proved to be effective for trout of all varieties, including lake trout. (Sunday)
RecentWhat’s Your Line? Part 1: Monofilament
Recently the question was asked, in another post, about what kinds of line to use in which situations, and why. Here are a few basic guidelines I like to follow for monofilament lines. (Friday)
Hitting the Jackpot (guest blog)
Over the years, I have experienced good success drifting flies with a spinning rod and reel and a water bubble. (Thursday)
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Bear Creek Lake by: fishing bum
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Bass on the Fly 2014 Lake Fork Tournament
by Lloyd Tackitt
Llyod picked up the fact that the world fly fishing for bass was being held at Lake Fork, Texas. Hearing he was planning on fishing it I gave him a call and asked if he'd like to fish it as a team. He agreed. We did and here's our story.
by Jake Gaulrapp - by Try2bsly - Brook troutby Try2bsly - Tiger Trout... what incredible fish - bears in woodsby fish - bears in the woodsby Sgabara - 15-1/2" Rainbow the wife caught on 8/2/14by fish - by MileHighMike - Faaaat Boyby MileHighMike - Same as 1stby MileHighMike - Late evening at the mileby fish - by nevskunked - by Mfishing - by Cichlidfish - Nice Webster Bass!by Cichlidfish - A 34 inch 15+ pound channel cat I got in one foot of water on a spinnerbait!!!!!!!!!!by westsloper - Greenies in Rifle Gap, thats news to me....
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