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Time Again for the Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic

by: Jeff Jones 2/27/2014

The annual Bass Pro Shop Spring Fishing Classic event starts this weekend!  Come down and get some great deals and meet Pro Anglers and company Pro Staffers, or just me!  Event dates: February 28 – March 16.

This is one of the events I look forward to every year.  Back in 2005 I was lucky enough to be approached by Berkley/Pure Fishing to be a pro-staff Ambassador.  Ever since then I have attended this yearly event and I love every minute of it!  I love to fish, and second only to actually fishing is that I love to talk about fishing!

But the BPS Spring Fishing Classic has a much longer history.  As a young adult living in Kansas City I used to attend the yearly event at the flagship store in Springfield, MO.  Back then it was held on only one weekend and nearly every pro or expert fisherman I had ever heard of was at the event.  I could see dozens of experts on Bass, Musky, Catfish, Crappie, Marlin, Shark, Saltwater, Freshwater, Fly-fishing or conventional all at the same event.  My first time I saw Denny Brauer, Jimmy Houston, Lefty Kreh and I think even Guy Harvey, all on the same day giving talks on stage.  Nowadays the events, and the experts, are spread out all over the US and Canada as this event is held at the same time at all of the BPS stores.

Sometimes it might not seem so great to be stuck inside a mega-store when instead I could be outside fishing, even if it is a store so focused on the sport I love, but this is one time each year that I get to help out Berkley, Abu Garcia, and the other affiliated Pure Fishing brands.  But more importantly I get to talk to fellow anglers, and sometimes even try to help others enjoy more about fishing.

My favorite part is when someone completely new to fishing asks for a few tips or advice.  Often young anglers, but sometimes older anglers, too.  Questions range from how to rig a Texas Rig worm, how to get a crank bait to run deeper or true, and sometimes something completely out of my range of knowledge.  The latter is often the most interesting because I am never happy until we track down the right person so I can learn something new, too.  Easy or hard there are no dumb questions because we all started with a desire to learn and most often we learn from others.

California has two stores: Manteca and Rancho Cucamonga.  I will be at the Rancho Cucamonga store on Feb. 28 – Mar. 2 and Mar. 7 – 9.  Stop in the fishing department and say Hello and if you have any questions about Fish Explorer I will be happy to chat with you.  Check your local Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World store online for a schedule of events and presenters.

Every year there are highlights not to be missed.  I have listed just a few here and for more information you can go to the Bass Pro Shop website and view a flyer and schedule of events for the store near you.


Reel Trade-in: Feb. 28 - Mar. 5.
Donate your old working reel, that will be in turn be donated to youth organizations, and get a voucher worth between $5 and $100 off the price of a new reel.  Voucher discount will depend on the purchase price of the new reel; the higher price the new reel, the more the voucher takes off of that price.  For example, for a reel with a retail price of $200 - $249.99 the voucher will take $40 off of the price!  A great way to trade in that old model for the new reel you’ve been wanting to get.

Rod Trade-in: March 7 – 11.
Same as the reel trade-in, but with fishing rods!  Trade-in a rod for a new one and depending on the price of the new rod, use your voucher to take between $5 and $100 off!

One Day Deals: March 7 – 8 and 14 – 15.
See the store flyers online for details, but get great pricing on door busters that are only good on that day.  Best deal this year is $120 off the retail price of a new depth finder!

Seminars:  Local experts and National Pro-Anglers share tips and techniques during in-store seminars.  Check each store for presenters, topics and time and date details.  At the Rancho Cucamonga store be sure to see Berkley/Abu Garcia Pro, and saltwater tournament angler and guide Jimmy Decker on Shallow Water Calico Bass.  At the Manteca store see Pro Bass Anglers, like Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese and Elite Series Rookie of the Year (2011) Ott Defoe.

Kid’s events:  Crafts, workshops, fishing pond and giveaways tailored just for the kids!

Hope to see you there!

A 2013 catch at Piru (before the mussel invasion!?)
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