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Wyoming Has Joined the Fish Explorer Family

by: David Coulson , Colorado 2/1/2014

Fish Explorer Wyoming is now active. This has been a long time coming, and the next state will be active before year’s end.

Getting Wyoming ready to launch required the help of many folks.  Matt Snider’s programing skills and guidance; Hunter Hastings, Wyoming’s State Editor leadership and lake data; Dale Daugherty, (culinarypunk) previous Coloradoan has been a force; Steve Hunley, (PerchJerker) did much of the final research and write-ups for Wyoming’s lakes.  In addition to these key players a large number of Wyoming members have lent a helping hand.

I encourage you to visit the Wyoming site, read Hunter’s blog, and welcome Wyoming to the family on their forum. All Fish Explorer members, at any level, have access to, and can post on any of the general forums.  It’s a great way to share information across the state platforms.  Not only that, you can also submit conditions reports for the waters in any Fish Explorer state.  So when you visit friends and family in Wyoming, California, Colorado, Florida, or Texas and do a little fishing, report the conditions you find and post on both the visiting and home state forums.

What’s next? For the coastal states we’re going to bring saltwater fisheries online next. Now that Wyoming is up and running, I’ll be working with Matt and the state editors to make this a reality. 

We’ll continue to work on bringing other states into the Fish Explorer family.  Which one is next depends on how much help we get.  Right now either Utah or Nebraska looks to be next, as we have folks working on them. Other priority states are Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. If you have an interest in helping get a state ready to launch or know someone who’d like to see Fish Explorer in their state, let me know. Lake and river editors are the biggest need in the early stages, and then as we get closer to activation, we also need a state editor, bloggers, field editors, and skippers. 

These are exciting times for, with new faces, new features, Wyoming live, salt water features coming, and more states on the horizon.  Invite others to join the party and consider playing a bigger role as a skipper, editor, writer, and/or blogger.

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Member comments
anglerwannabe, CO   2/1/2014 6:07:31 AM
very nice
culinarypunk, WY   2/1/2014 7:26:04 AM
And... We are off!
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   2/1/2014 8:12:22 AM
Outstanding! This will add many more members and articles. Can't wait for the saltwater now.
Dan Swanson, CO   2/1/2014 8:35:20 AM
It's been a long time coming. Looking forward to using it.
Bryan87, CO   2/1/2014 8:42:05 AM
Create a mobile app already
N.PikeHu$tla, CO   2/1/2014 9:44:24 AM
Awesome.. pathfinder is on of my favorite reserviors in that state..
culinarypunk, WY   2/1/2014 9:56:26 AM
Dan, another 40 plus # laker was just caught in open water. And released! Pike, I haven't made it to pathfinder yet but Went to Semino last March and it was great! Have to Chk out pathfinder and alcova!
IceFishingFool, CO   2/1/2014 12:14:54 PM
Well Dale we always Knew you were off LOL....J/K buddy, Glad its up.
jshanko, CO   2/2/2014 6:45:19 AM
This is good news, I personally like to get away some times and camp, fish, hike and WY has been great fun. The wind keeps blowing me back to CO though. Great work gentlemen.
COYOT, CO   2/2/2014 5:19:48 PM
There is nothing covering western Nebraska. Might consider the up grade If Nebraska comes on As it is not much relates to northeast Co.
David Coulson (Flyrodn), CO   2/2/2014 6:18:31 PM
The next states in line are Nebraska, Utah, and maybe New Mexico. I'm confident we'll get at least one of them by years end.
opencage, CO   2/3/2014 12:40:24 PM
Great, congrats and thanks to everyone who helped bring the state on board. I think growing the site to other states, especially those close to CO is a great way to bring other anglers into out community to educate and learn from others. I'm also glad to have one more good forum to cruise and think and talk fishing.
KayakerFishfinder, CO   2/3/2014 7:26:58 PM
Just running the number of lakes on the new state. I see that Wyoming has shown around 60 lakes on the state lake map. When checking the number of lakes in Wyoming on fishexplorer it list 142 lakes. Is the Wyoming side of fishexplorer still launching functionality as we speak? Just asking?
David Coulson (Flyrodn), CO   2/3/2014 8:11:54 PM
Yes, when Colorado launched it was with 40 lakes. We have over a 140 lakes, but only about 60 are complete. Wyoming like Colorado (we're still adding waters) will be an on going project as all the states are.
fishthumpre, CO   2/6/2014 3:53:09 PM
Great news! I'll selfishly put in a vote for Nebraska. Good job. Bill
jason94f22, CO   2/6/2014 8:47:56 PM
YEAH. cant wait for idaho hopefully its next
C-DOG, CO   2/6/2014 9:06:04 PM
There is some great fishing in New Mexico!!
DALEHUNTER, CO   2/7/2014 6:21:14 AM
Get better wind gear!!!
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