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2014 ISE Sacramento

Guest Blog by: Gabe Snyder 1/14/2014

  With the 2014 International Sportsmans Expo opening day being on Thursday the 9th, and then the last day being Sunday the 12th, one would expect that venders and booths would have plenty of time to move and sell product. In years past I have felt that Sunday is the best day to go as vendors try to take home less product that they brought by lowering prices and making deals. With the big crowds moving through on Saturday you often risk not picking up killer deals as more times than not the product is in limited stock.

  This year one of the main items that was on many angler minds were the HUDD 68's. Fisherman's Warehouse had a limited stock as it's hard for even the everyday angler to get their hands on one. Saturday morning the infamous 68's were gone in no time at all. This drew customers to the Huddleston booth and helped more product sell. Not only myself, but many other anglers that I talked to feel that there was a lack of deals and the deals that were there were gone quickly and only appealing to some.

  A few companies that stood out to me that did a good job of bringing customers by and in the end selling products were: River2Sea, Bass King clothing and Bass Tackle Depot.  As R2S has done in the past, they have deals that no one can pass up.  For example: Bumbershoots (A-rigs) for 8$, retail price $19.99, and bottom walker swimbaits in the 3" and 4" size for $1, retail for $4.99. Bass King clothing had tubs of shirts for 5$. Bass Tackle Depot had all their rods for 20% off, with a IROD purchase you got a 50$ sweatshirt, 5 A-rig for $10 and if you spent $50 or more on River2Sea product in their booth you would get a free R2S T-shirt. Don't get me wrong, there were other companies that had their deals, but these companies are the 3 that stood out the most.

  All in all it was another good year at the show, companies moved and sold product; anglers and sportsmen of all levels showed up to learn and to get their hands on the latest and greatest product. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the show a 7.

Gabe joins the Fish Explorer team as a blogger to promote the sport of bass fishing and bring a voice to young bass anglers. Gabe is already a seasoned club angler and current Club President of the Delta Teen Team youth bass club.
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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   1/15/2014 8:49:00 AM
Thank you for the review. It is always good to hear how folks felt about a show. There are always a myriad of perspectives.
Bassnfly, CA   1/17/2014 10:07:59 PM
Hi Gabe! What is new or different about the Hudd 68 that you see? I've not fished with many of the variety offered by Huddleston but I have a few of the smaller ones that I used in CO.
Gabe Snyder
Guest Blogger