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A Pair of New Articles

by: David Coulson , Colorado 8/30/2013

Iím sure many have noticed, but in case you missed it I recently activated two new articles on Fish Explorer.

The first has been in the works for some time, ďWater Boatman/Backswimmer Time,Ē by Richard Pilatzke has been in the works for a couple months.  However, the release is timely as backswimmers are a common food source for trout, yet go overlooked.  Itís also evident that these beetles are popular table fare for warm water species.  Give this article a read and Iím sure youíll be motivated, as I am, to add a few flies imitating boatmen to your collection.

The second article is by the California State Editor and prior Colorado contributor Jeff Jones.  An avid bass angler (fishes for everything as I understand it), Jeff has belonged to a number of bass clubs across the country and provides us with insight on differing aspects and reasons for joining a club wherever you live.  I concur with his observations, having belonged to a number of fishing groups over the years, including my current club, Centennial Bass out of Loveland, Colorado.  Give Jeffís article, ĎCalifornia Bass Clubs are Different!Ē  Iíve no doubt youíll find it both entertaining and informative.

Iím always on the outlook for good content to add to, be it a blog, lake/river update, a new water to add, or articles.  Note that depending on the quality of the material I will provide you with points for your efforts. 

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Member comments
JKaboom, CO   9/2/2013 8:37:28 PM
Dave, thank you for posting about the two new articles. The only way I know there are new articles is if you post/BLOG about them. Is there some other way new articles are indicated on the site??
David Coulson (Flyrodn), CO   9/3/2013 1:34:52 PM
I'll talk with Matt on this suggestion. Having an announcement spot for these types of notices is a good idea. Thanks
David Coulson
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