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New CA State Editor Introduction

by: Jeff Jones 7/12/2013

     My name is Jeff Jones and I will be taking over as the State Editor for in California.  I just wanted to introduce myself and to let you know that I will be working to improve the site and to make it a dynamic and viable fishing resource and online community.

     Check back regularly as new information becomes available, new locations are added and existing ones are updated, and we add new contributors.  I am currently seeking active anglers who wish to contribute to the site and share their love of fishing.  If you would be interested, or know anyone interested in participating please contact me directly.  We need Field Editors, Lake/River Skippers, and Bloggers/writers.

     All forms of angling pursuits are welcome including everything from kids and bobbers to the most die-hard and experienced tournament anglers, from local pond fishing for perch to the largest of saltwater species.  It does not matter if you wind your line around a soda can, precision cast with a fly rod, or flip and pitch with the most advanced baitcasting reel available, we welcome each and encourage all. 

     My goal is to partner with local organizations to provide specific and helpful information about local events and resources; i.e. lake and river conditions, fishing reports, conservation, habitat and education issues, available lodging/launch ramps/amenities, etc., and to bring interesting content for readers from all areas of California and all types of fishing pursuit.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Jeff Jones
State Editor,

A nice Manitoba pike.Fly Fishing the high country.Dorado fishing.
Nice wiper.Tournament fishing. 
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