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New Member System in Place

by: Matt Snider , Colorado 5/20/2013
As I mentioned in my last blog, we are undergoing some significant changes here this summer.  The biggest has just been launched.  Please pardon any growing pains as we work through bugs surely to pop up with this new roll-out.  Contact us if you experience any issues.

Here is the outline of major changes:

1)    New membership system
Your current account is still valid.  You may log in with the same credentials as always.  If you are an FXR+ subscriber, you donít have to change a thing.  If you are not, you may notice some of the lake pages are now limited.  To upgrade your account to a new Contributing Membership account, it is very simple.  Go to our membership page and click on the box titled "Upgrade to Contributing Member." A form will appear and you can use your points to upgrade for free.  If you donít have enough points, submit reports to earn free membership.  Or simply pay $2.95/mo to gain more access. If you experience any issues with this new system, please let me know.  View the account comparison page for a rundown of the differences between accounts.

2)    More Lakes

Yesterday we featured 188 lakes in Colorado.  Today we feature over 450 with more on the way.  The number of lakes has grown as well in Cali, Texas, and Florida.  If you have a Guest Account, you currently have access to about 50 of the largest and most popular lakes.  If you are a Contributing Member, you have access to many more, with improved reporting.  If you subscribe to FxR+ you gain access to all the lakes and all the reports and data we have for them.  

3)    New navigation

While not earth-shatteringly different, the navigation at the top of the site has undergone a facelift.   I donít think youíll have trouble with it, but all the old links are up there, some in menus that pop up when you hover over a label.  The most significant change is the Find Lake/River menu and the Update Lake/River menu.  This was modified to incorporate all the new lakes weíve added. You may use the region filter to narrow down the list.

4)    Monthly FxR+ Subscription

We have added a low-priced monthly subscription for FxR+, with automatically recurring payments.

Also, all maps on the website have been upgraded to the newest version of Google Maps.  If you experience any issues, please let me know.

This new membership system and current and future modifications to the site are designed to support those that support Fish Explorer and to target your contributions to those that you know have contributed in some fashion.  With your support, either financially or via contributions, Fish Explorer information, features, and management will continue to improve, and we will get you out fishing faster and with more confidence.

Over the next several weeks I will announce any additional changes via this blog.  All new features, lakes, rivers, and information will apply for Contributing Members and FxR+ subscribers.  If youíre still reading, go on over and use points or that change you have in the center console to upgrade to a Contributing Membership.

Blog content © Matt Snider
Member comments
Reifer, CO   5/20/2013 6:07:25 AM
Sweet. Anyway we can get the actual forum post to be protected the same way?
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/20/2013 6:15:26 AM
Reifer, There'll be several more updates in the next few weeks that address things like that. Had to get the major release out first and iron out kinks.
alanlf5280, CO   5/20/2013 7:17:53 AM
Looking good! Nice work Matt.
Neyet Stalker, CO   5/20/2013 7:39:18 AM
when I click on the comparison page link it cannot be found
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/20/2013 7:54:24 AM
The comparison page link in blog has been fixed...thanks
panfishin, CO   5/20/2013 8:20:35 AM
i like it! nice work guys
shiverfix, CO   5/20/2013 8:25:29 AM
Getting used to it, but I like it so far. I like the levels of membership and amount of information available at each level.
dadch, CO   5/20/2013 9:21:41 AM
looks good, easier to use, great job, thanks.
Vanish, CO   5/20/2013 10:41:50 AM
Matt, I think you're headed in the right direction, although I miss being able to use a select box for selecting my lakes quickly by typing. Any way to update the commenting on blogs? They get really messy without paragraphs!
kottob, CO   5/20/2013 10:45:12 AM
The drop downs under the new navigation system are hiding under the advertisements. Very frustrating, this needs immediate attention
TroutByFly, CO   5/20/2013 10:50:34 AM
Good move! I have always been hesitant to post reports. Now if I post a report I know I am sharing with like minded anglers and not greedy lurkers that will invade my favorite fishing holes.
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/20/2013 10:55:43 AM
Vanish we can keep looking into ways to make getting to the lake pages easier. Kottob, I'll look into that now
Ajax5240, CO   5/20/2013 11:09:46 AM
What does the "Contributing Member" get that a average Joe doesn't?
ghillieboy, CO   5/20/2013 11:23:35 AM
I was thrown off by the new look, still a rookie, but much easier to navigate now...I fish two of the four states on this site, and the info is always great, so its worth every penny
alanlf5280, CO   5/20/2013 11:41:54 AM
What about the shop? Am I missing it or has it been removed?
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/20/2013 12:17:43 PM
Link to the store is on left now. It was missing on one version, thanks for noticing! Can't put anything by you.
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/20/2013 12:19:02 PM
Ajax, there's a comparison chart you can look at to see what the accounts offer, link is on bottom of site and in the blog.
RPG, CO   5/20/2013 2:11:50 PM
How about moving the Blog posts to the "Blog" heading? It would make them easier to find and unclutter the forums.
Flyrodn, CO   5/20/2013 7:18:09 PM
As you see things you'd like to see or feel need fixing you can email either matt or myself and we'll have a look. We expect both positive and not so positive reaction. Had one from a five year member who's never contributed and doesn't understand why he should have to now after five years of take and no give.
RecreationFisher, CO   5/20/2013 7:59:28 PM
Is there a list of waters available per class of water? While it would be great to have access to 450 bodies of water I typically only fish 15-20 a year so the jupgrade may not be worth it to me.
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   5/21/2013 9:23:15 AM
Lakes are listed by their class on the main lake map page
Ajax5240, CO   5/21/2013 10:28:24 AM
FishRangler, Thanks for the great feedback. I am already a contributing member, but hadn't seen the comparison page yet... Thanks for the great and helpful response. Tool...
Coyute, CO   5/21/2013 1:21:43 PM
Thank you!
fishman1, CO   5/21/2013 10:22:54 PM
Waaay better!
trixie, CO   5/22/2013 8:21:31 AM
good changes
skiman, CO   5/22/2013 10:52:37 AM
Matt/Dave, Just a minor thing...could you put a bit more space between the home-page and update lake icons? When I move the cursor up I have a hard time getting it to stop at home without opening the update lake option. Just a suggestion. I really like the changes by the way. Good Fishing! Ski
Coyute, CO   5/24/2013 9:13:06 AM
The 'hover over' instead of 'click to activate' pull-down menus on the top are kind of a drag. Thanks again for the changes.
gjman, CO   5/26/2013 5:56:49 AM
want to up-grade,but would be nice to know reports on western slope waters and when I get out there would do the same. Can you help me out here?
spinn3r, CO   5/27/2013 9:15:34 PM
I think everyone can agree that it's a good idea to distinguish between those who contribute little to nothing, and those who contribute relatively often. And that's clearly the idea behind the "Contributing Member" account. Unfortunately, I think the exchange rate of 100 pts/month is way high. Consider a member who fishes FxR-enabled lakes 3 times a month, and takes the trouble to get a temperature. The level and status of the lake don't generally change every time, so those can't always be updatd. So maybe they get 50 to 70 points a month out of that. That's not enough to be called a Contributing Member? That's puts them on the same level as the non-contributor, and that sits poorly with me. Why not lower the threshold to 30 points? One high-quality lake update per month is a substantial contribution to the "real" content of this site, since lake/river reports are the original purpose of FxR, and continue to be its bread and butter.
spinn3r, CO   5/27/2013 9:24:48 PM
Oops, I meant 200 pts/month above, not 100 pts/month.
pikeNcolorado, CO   5/29/2013 10:17:28 AM
I agree with Coyute, the hover options seem to annoy me. But it may just have to be something to get used to. But then again, you can't make everyone happy. HA HA.
lewdog, CO   5/29/2013 12:07:55 PM
Personally i am glad to see it changed over. I guess i am just a non-contributing member till i can afford to reup my plus status. The lake info dosnt really change my mind on where i am going when i go. The only thing i would like to see different is the blogs need to be put in their own colum so to unclutter the lake pages.
jtwessel, CO   6/24/2013 3:51:57 PM
Booo!! Since my son has been born I have very little to no time to go fishing and when I do its between a handful of spots. I used to love coming to fish explorer to see how the handful of spots I fish are hitting because I typically have a very limited time to go out fishing. So in the interest of time management I go where I have the best luck so I use condition reports to choose. It seems like nothing more than a business website making money off us rather than a tool for recreational anglers now. I know I probably will get a lot of grief from this post but I just wanted to post to show I am dissatisfied with the direction of this website.
moosegoose, CO   6/24/2013 9:34:41 PM
Jtwessel, you never posted any reports to begin with. I am not attacking you just making light of the fact that you used the site and did not contribute. And there is a business aspect to the site. Without any sort of income there would be no site at all. I am fairly certain that the site owners put a lot more work in than they are paid for. I have seen nothing but great changes since the new system has been in place.
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