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Guest Blog by: Joshua Christensen 1/9/2013
I would be lying to you if I told you that I was not vested in MHX, however the way I am vested in them is the same as they are me, belief, belief in one another that we offer quality and put our best foot forward to offer people everything that we have and are. 

I have been sponsored by MHX since last year where I totally took my fishing rod line to the next level, completely re-tooling my arsenal with nothing accept MHX. Now I did not get any of these blanks for free, I invested my money and started to use MHX before I was sponsored by them. I started with one custom made rod called the MHX MB844. I used this rod for the bass fishing I was doing out in Colorado while stationed at Ft. Carson. Immediately, even before getting the rod wet, I noticed the light weight that it carried with the solid back bone it had when flexed.  The MB844 quality offered in another brand that I will leave unnamed will cost you over 300 dollars in any retail store, and MHX offers a full warranty the competitor no longer does at no cost to you. 

Obviously these rods help me catch more fish or I would not use them exclusively. Since I started using them, they have added seemingly a 100 more rods that are tailored to many more fish species as well as fishing techniques and cater to travelers. I cannot do anything accept commend MHX on cranking out a complete line of blanks that perform the way they are intended. Please give them consideration if you think you may want a new rod. You don't have to build rods to use these, they are only offered to rod builders and consumers, no retail store will carry them. MHX has set a goal to bring you rods that easily compete with any brand of any monetary value for a very reasonable cost to you and me. I can promise you will never buy top of the line quality for the prices MHX offers.

MHX rods are made in Florida by a couple of passionate anglers that wanted to bring us a combination of quality and affordability only available to custom rod builders and anglers that hold the sport higher than the dollar bill. 

In my experience, MHX rod's perform well beyond their recommended uses, both in weight class of the fish and tackle. On top of it all MHX offers a lifetime warranty on your rod blank. This is meant to be an insight on why I am recommending MHX rod blanks in my current series of blogs. Obviously as I stated before, YES I am sponsored by MHX, however this is not a slanted or biased opinion that I am giving you. MHX does not pay me, or give me free product. I recommend MHX to you with MY reputation not theirs. If you are not impressed with them, tell me. 

Visit MHX here
You can buy them for the best price at MUDHOLE.COM
Joshua Christensen has been fishing since the age of three, always honing his skills towards bass fishing in both fresh and salt water. His passion for the sport of fishing is only surpassed by his passion for doing it by sit on top kayak. In addition to the work he does with Fish Explorer, Joshua is also the host of Beast Mode Outdoors on You Tube.
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Joshua Christensen
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