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Winter Giveaway Winners

by: Matt Snider , Colorado 1/4/2013
Winter seems to have just begun in most parts, and our Winter Giveaway has just ended.  A big thank you to the sponsors of the event for offering up some great prizes and trips.  All winners have been sent emails, but just in case you have trouble receiving emails, the nicknames of winners are listed below.  If you're on this list below, and haven't received an email from me, shoot me an email via our contact form

I get a few questions each year about how we pick these.  We start with the most popular prizes based on the number of prize registrations and work our way down.  This way everyone is included in the drawing for the most sought-after prizes.  Out of the entire pool of people who've registered for a particular prize, a random entry is selected.  Each person may only win one prize, so once a person has been selected as a winner they cannot be selected again. 

If you didn't win this year, we'll surely do it again in a short 10 or so months!  I wish everyone could win but there are only so many prizes to go around.  Keep up the good fishing, the conditions reports, and happy new year to everyone!

This year's Winter Giveaway Winners:
ADK Joe, Ajax5240, Dubtrout, jig head, Goaliestar33, coyotehunter, BCIII, JonBowToner, mbger, lewdog, superP, Coloradoan, culinarypunk, chris, MAC ATTACK, catfishking, pathfinder 1, pikeNcolorado, Covidiencowboy, fom, OzarkWC, cuztom86, Cuzn E, Bottom Bouncer, hammer174, Jamesbo, PikeD, FloatTubeGuy, James Woods, dadch, Fiddler1986, ColoradoRay, channelcat13, sportfisher, sage, JKaboom, KAK, MountainGrown, THA DAWG, Sandman, opencage, brookieflyfisher, smalliefan, heavymetal bass slayer, sgmelton1, OldMikkDale, BigSwede, OCwalleye, Bald Weasel, UltraLightRay, Ptarmigan, fishingcbear, dano1, Marky, Raskal, jibber, drummerboy40, jshanko, slipperyfish, Howie, Tiny Stevens, Rsrecurvehunter, cobragt203, lilbreigh, guitarbldr, cushmanriders, Get The Net!, Curtis, myanke2000, ColoradoDad, skiman

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Member comments
oley, CO   1/4/2013 2:13:51 PM
Congrats to the winners laments a loser. Keep on picking 'em the same way. Sounds fair and above board.
tracks, CO   1/4/2013 2:22:39 PM
Indeed congratulations! You guys picked up some cool prizes!!
alanlf5280, CO   1/4/2013 2:41:17 PM
Congrats to the winners!
Tbubb, CO   1/4/2013 4:11:18 PM
Lots of familiar names there. Nice work gents, enjoy the prizes!
SnipeHuntin, CO   1/4/2013 4:42:33 PM
Shucks not my year.
FishingApex, CO   1/4/2013 9:04:17 PM
Congrats everybody. Happy fishin
OldMikkDale, CO   1/5/2013 6:32:29 AM
Just one more reason to be a member of this great club. Be sure to thank Matt for doing this.
Tiny Stevens, CO   1/6/2013 7:51:48 PM
Thanks Matt! Tiny
ColoradoRay, CO   1/6/2013 8:35:03 PM
From a winner, thank you Matt. FxR is truly a top notch site.
Matt Snider
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