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Lets Start 2013 With More Fish

Guest Blog by: Joshua Christensen 1/3/2013
For the 2013 year, I wanted to start out with a blog about starting new. I have had custom built rods for a couple years now and would not go back to any other rod. I used to think that a rod is a rod and had felt that I can catch anything as long as the lure is correct. In a way I was half right but seriously wrong in another. 

There is no way for us to see the fish that we pursue in most bodies of water. Lures are very important, however they are only half of the equation. Anglers need to understand that fish will explore everything with the only thing they can, their mouth. Most of these interactions that fish give us go unnoticed and we are unaware of the fact that by the time that we feel that tug from a fish in most cases 5 other fish have already given us a chance. I would like to challenge you to use highly sensitive rods, line and rigs. You will notice as time goes that the fish start piling up. 

Nothing in my opinion will beat the proper set up, but this set up cannot be bought at Walmart. Nothing personal to any retailer, however the reason why companies like G. Loomis and other such high priced models are so highly priced is because these poles are geared a lot more towards giving you the correct set up with high sensitivity and plenty of backbone. What this means for you is that you want a rod with a sensitive tip and firm core. The best of these in my opinion come from custom built rods that are made for you for the specific fish you pursue. 

If you are using a flipping rod for everything, that is wrong and you might as well be cutting off your hand. Spend the time to research the setup you need for your fish target and switch up your gear when you change targets, lures and waters. This is not cheap, start out with things that will serve more than one purpose, and over time you will have a collection that will have you fishing like the elite. Over this next month I will release blogs to further guide you in your endeavor to be the best you can be while on the water. 
Joshua Christensen has been fishing since the age of three, always honing his skills towards bass fishing in both fresh and salt water. His passion for the sport of fishing is only surpassed by his passion for doing it by sit on top kayak. In addition to the work he does with Fish Explorer, Joshua is also the host of Beast Mode Outdoors on You Tube.
Blog content © Joshua Christensen
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   1/3/2013 10:29:00 AM
Having the right tools for the job does help catch more fish, there's little doubt about that.
Good Sam, CO   1/3/2013 2:21:23 PM
How do I forward this to my wife? Steve
FISHRANGLER, CO   1/3/2013 2:21:26 PM
Most people know this. A better blog would be on how to use one rod for multiple types of angling Please help by including coupons for all these rods. Because what I have is not good enough and Im not sponsred by a rod building company so the Skeet Reese rods from Wally mart will have to do for now.
Joshua Christensen
Guest Blogger