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Fishing Ethics and The Spawn
This topic can be a contentious one and, as usual, everyone has an opinion, including me. But fishing during the spawning period does not have to be as great an issue if simple precautions are taken. (Friday)
Proposed Changes to Fishing Regulations??
Something caught my eye today on this website. At first I thought it was insignificant, but then I thought about it for a moment and did a little searching. (04.16.14)
Fishing, er Lunch Break
Fishing doesn't have to be a major excursion. Sometimes it's great to just grab the rod and fish wherever and whenever you can, such as over lunch, on the way to or from work. (03.28.14)
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Piru Lake by: VCBC Angler
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Jeff Jones Mike Stevens Brady Garrett Gabe Snyder Joshua Christensen
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Backpacks - The alternate tackle box
by Shantro Buck
Tackle boxes and coolers are traditional gear for anglers, but a backpack allows for greater ease getting to the water, especially when the going is rough.
by Bassnfly - Lake record smallmouth caught Nov. 2013by Bassnfly - Martin and Jason with a nice bag of bass!by Bassnfly - Lake Havasu bassby Bassnfly - Lake Havasu Bassnfly - 8 lb. striper at Bassnfly - A Cachuma smallie caught during a Ventura County Bass Club LaRue - Nice Truckee brown following Iony - by Iony - by Iony - by Iony - 25 cinch50 - by BeastModeVet - J. Mena caught this great striper in February 2013, it weighed in at 29.6 LBby Toad Wrangler - by Toad Wrangler - by Toad Wrangler -
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1. BeastModeVet - 22622
2. HybridSCal - 7501
3. Bassnfly - 2912
4. Toad Wrangler - 190
5. GabeS - 160
6. VCBC Angler - 150
7. InCoast - 120
8. Fish Wrestler - 110
9. Twofish - 70
10. StevenJE - 60
11. Bassinova Baits - 50
12. MLT - 50
13. mxwrench - 40
14. bigbearfish - 35
15. catchmall - 33
Recent CA Condition Updates
Piru Lake04.19.14
Big Bear Lake04.18.14
Lake Havasu03.30.14
Lake Morena03.20.14
Success Lake03.20.14
Cachuma Lake03.15.14
Truckee River02.18.14
Cachuma Lake02.08.14
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