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NewExpectation of Privacy
Fishing is a public activity, except when on private land. When fishing in a public place, do you have an expectation of privacy? (Friday)
NewIs It OK to Bend Some Fishing Laws?
Cultural norms play a role in our behavior, regardless of the law. When it comes to fishing there are a number of rules that many seem to view as "bendable." (Friday)
NewPut It Up for All to See and "Big Brother" Will See It Too
Somehow I don't see "privacy" apply to folks who break the law and then have the gall to post their actions for whole world to see. Actually, a stupidity fine is probably in order in these cases. (Thursday)
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Bridgeport Reservoir by: Flyrodn
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Take a Kid Fishing
by Bernie Keefe
Taking kids fishing should be first about having fun. While fishing and catching are always important, they should be secondary to having a fun day with the kids.
by Flyrodn - Danny Barker of Florida with nice Clear Lake Bass by Flyrodn - "Nebulous veracity by burnintree" by Tahoenathan - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Flyrodn - "Lake Aloha rappensuncle" by Rappensuncle - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - Flyrodn - Del Valle Boat Rampby Flyrodn - Del Valle Boat rampby Flyrodn - Not so big Del Valle Bassby Flyrodn - Buzzards at Lake Del Valleby Flyrodn - Buzzards at Del Valle Lakeby Flyrodn - Chuck fishing De Valleby Flyrodn - by Matt - Lake Oroville from ca.govby Matt - Lake Gregory. From sbcounty.govby Flyrodn - Cast 2014 New Melonesby Flyrodn - Cast 2014 New Melonesby Flyrodn - Cast 2014 New Melonesby Flyrodn - Cast 2014 Lake Shasta
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