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TodayPart 1 Fly Fishing Carp: Sight Fishing Presentation
Nearly everyone who fly fishes for carp talks about sight fishing them and how difficult they are to catch. I do sight fish them, but in truth, I mostly blind cast to them. These three pieces cover my approach. (Wednesday)
NewWanna Be A Skipper?
One of our goals is to get every class 1 and class 2 water and at least half of the class 3 waters skippered. Wanna help? (Tuesday)
Did Fishing Nearly Kill Me? Or Was I Reasonably Chasing Muskie...
I think I had a vision a while ago of things to come. Fishing in Canada for muskie is a huge passion of mine, and I'll go at the drop of a hat, but it nearly killed me this time. Maybe it saved me? (Friday)
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Trinity River at Weaverville by: Flyrodn
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Jeff Jones Dave Coulson - Chief Editor
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Which ice auger diameter is best for you
by David Harrison
While it is possible to ice fish without an auger, having the right tools makes the day's outing far more pleasant.
by Flyrodn - "Oroville wildlife area" by User:bobjgalindo - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons - Flyrodn - Map of Orville Wildlife area courtesy of CDFWby Flyrodn - Releases to Feather River courtesy of CA Dept of Water Resourcesby Flyrodn - Power Plant at Thermalito Afterbay courtesy of CA Dept of Water Resourcesby Flyrodn - Aerial of Afterbay courtesy of CA Dept of Water Resourcesby Flyrodn - Canal courtesy of CA Dept of Water Resourcesby Flyrodn - Thermalito Diversion Dam CA Dept of Water Resourcesby Flyrodn - "TopazLake". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia - Flyrodn - Reservoir - Courtesy of USFWSby Flyrodn - "Trinity lake California" by Blake, Tupper Ansel, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Licensed under Public Domain via Commons - Flyrodn - Lower Twin from Recreation.govby Flyrodn - Lower Twin Campsite from Recreation.govby Flyrodn - Creek at Lower Twin from Recreation.govby Flyrodn - Twin Lakes by Ryan Herrington from Recreation.govby Flyrodn - Twin Lakes by Maria Gonzalez from Recreation.govby Flyrodn - Twin Lake Campground from
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